HanesBrands disclosed its carbon emissions and related information for the CDP 2016 Climate Change Report and earned an above-average score of B. Hanes has reported its emissions data since 2010 to CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, for its report. HanesBrands participates in the promotional products industry as supplier Hanes/Champion (UPIC: HBIINC).

The company posted better performance in the 2016 report than the apparel industry average and overall program average in all CDP reporting categories: governance and strategy, risk and opportunity management, emissions management and verification. Hanes, unique in the apparel industry because it owns the significant majority of its manufacturing and supply chain operations, achieved its CDP score for its transparency and by managing emissions, implementing best practices and taking coordinated action on climate-change issues.

“Hanes’ ‘B’ score demonstrates the significant strides our company, with the support and engagement of our 70,000 worldwide employees, has made in becoming an international business leader in energy management,” says Hanes Chief Executive Officer Gerald W. Evans Jr. “By embracing environmental sustainability and the conservation of natural resources, Hanes is creating value for our company, our investors, our consumers, our employees and our communities. We are proud of our score and look forward to making further progress.”

Hanes has won the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star partner of the year/sustained excellence award for seven consecutive years. The company, which ranks No. 172 on Newsweek magazine’s 2016 list of top U.S. green companies, has achieved significant reductions of its environmental footprint and has established a goal for 2020 of 40-percent reduction in energy use and carbon emissions, 50-percent reduction in water use and sourcing renewable energy for 40 percent of the company’s needs.