As a PPAI member, you are the cornerstone of our organization. All our efforts are focused on making you and the promotional product industry as strong and viable as possible. We strive to earn your trust and hope that the knowledge you gain and community you become a part of help you and your company today and in the future. Take advantage of what we offer and experience the true and full value of PPAI membership.

Affinity Partners

PPAI partners with a variety of companies that bring added value to our members by saving you and your employees considerable money in running daily operations. Affinity partners include shipping services, marketing support, product testing, operational savings, technology needs, accounting/finance and employee assistance.

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The PPAI Awards and Recognition Program celebrates creative excellence throughout the promotional products industry. Our awards recognize everything from Distinguished Service and Hall of Fame careers to great websites, outstanding customer service and everything in between.

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The PPAI Certification Program is an all-inclusive industry-wide program and does not require membership with PPAI.

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Connecting the industry through industry-leading and forward-thinking trade shows and education events, PPAI continues to invest in the cornerstone of our industry—our members. Browse PPAI's lineup of inspirational education events bringing industry players like you together for networking, brainstorming and business-building.

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PPAI Media

Subscribe to PPB, PPAI’s award-winning monthly magazine, PPB Newslink, the most trusted newsweekly of the promotional products industry, or PC Today, a quick-read, daily, electronic newsletter serving the unique educational needs of distributor salespeople.

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Product Safety Aware

The Product Safety Awareness Program is part of a larger PPAI initiative to create confidence in promotional products as an advertising medium at every level.

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Promo Connect

Share, network, collaborate, engage and inspire using one of PPAI’s newest offerings. Promo Connect is an online industry collaboration hub offering PPAI members a new level of online community. This industry specific, content-rich platform affords members the opportunity to engage in business-focused communication without having to rely on ad-heavy social media networks. Promo Connect: Where Knowledge Becomes Inspiration.

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Regional Associations

PPAI works in partnership with 27 regional associations across the US through the Regional Affiliate Program to deliver extraordinary opportunity on a local level. Each regional association offers a variety of products and services that you can take advantage of by becoming a member. Membership in PPAI and your regional association gives you the best of both worlds by providing all the tools you need to run your business.

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Powered by industry analytics and member insights, PPAI offers effective, cutting-edge research to better serve the industry. Our unique approach allows us to deliver trends that can help affect members' business decisions and advocate for promotional products.

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Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

PPAI Offers numerous advertising and sponsorship opportunities. From live event sponsorships to website banner and full page magazine advertising, we can match an opportunity to your needs and budget while putting you in a position to have the greatest impact for your brand. Whether you have an existing opportunity in mind or have an idea for a unique and new opportunity, we are here to help.

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Strategic Foresight

When we say strategic foresight, we mean the capacity to look at the future and spot emerging trends so you can proactively address them, either by preparing for the disruptions they will bring or by orienting yourself to be in the best possible position to take advantage of these trends. Either way, it’s guaranteed that the clearer you are about what’s coming, the more prepared you are to succeed in the days ahead.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Check out the PPAI leadership, the people who drive meaningful member value and engagement. Take a peek at the industry professionals and the valuable work they do. Explore the opportunity to be part of a generous community of industry volunteers.

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