Power of Two - PPAI & SAGE
What's In It For You

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Is the PPAI-SAGE offer available one time only?

Does the Power of Two apply to all PPAI members?

Is the PPAI-SAGE Alliance member benefit available to International Members?

Will I get a coupon?

What is the PPAI-SAGE strategic alliance?

Why is this important to the promotional products industry?

What does this strategic alliance mean for me as a member of PPAI?

What is a SAGE Total Access subscription?

Do PPAI distributors receive the SAGE Total Access subscription for just one year?

Who do I pay, PPAI or SAGE?

Do I have to call SAGE to redeem anything?

Can I pay on a monthly plan?

Are you a PPAI member but not a SAGE Total Access subscriber?

Are you a PPAI member AND a SAGE Total Access subscriber?

Are you a SAGE Total Access subscriber but not a PPAI member?

I don't know my PPAI member renewal date. What should I do?

How do I start using SAGE?

As a PPAI member, does a distributor have to use SAGE Total Access?

How do I get Started?


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