Every salesperson needs a clear mission, which is why every sales team needs a compelling mission statement. This is an important tool in guiding your sales team toward a common goal. It can give them direction, focus and inspiration.

Josh Gillespie, the director of enterprise sales at PandaDoc, says leaders should think about their team’s purpose, values and ambitions when creating their mission statement. In a post on the PandaDoc blog, he points out some effective mission statements.

For instance, American Express focuses on its customers and services, stating its mission to “Become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations.”

Want to create an inspiring sales mission statement for your team? Keep reading this issue of PromoPro Daily, where we share Gillespie’s guidance on how to write a great one.

Identify your team’s main focus. What is the ultimate goal? For example, you might define your sales team’s primary purpose as getting new customers, retaining existing clients or generating revenue.

Answer essential questions. Gillespie says it’s important to think about the values that guide your sales team’s actions and decisions. Put some thought into what your team does and why they do it. Also consider what your team hopes to accomplish.

Put it all together. The next step in crafting your sales mission statement is to piece together your ideas into a cohesive phrase. Get creative and have fun, he says. Try incorporating different words to capture your team’s personality. Instead of using industry jargon, work in simpler language that paints a picture of what your team does.

Spread the word. Now that you’ve written and finessed your sales mission statement, the next step is to get it out into the world. Add a page on your website for the statement, Gillespie says, and include it in social media profiles, job postings and press releases. Use promos in a company-wide campaign to highlight your new statement.

Review periodically. Your sales mission statement shouldn’t stagnate for years. You can always tweak it and adjust it so it evolves with your team. Gillespie says it’s a good idea to refine the statement every so often to ensure it’s clear, impactful and straightforward.

A well-crafted sales mission statement can pave the way for your sales team, helping align their efforts with your company’s overall goals and values. When you follow the guide above, you can create the ideal sales mission statement for your team.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Josh Gillespie is the director of enterprise sales at PandaDoc.