Are your clients enthusiastic about working with you? When you give them a quarterly business review, or QBR, you can leave no doubt in their minds. Held every three months, a QBR is a chance to check in and reaffirm the value of the business relationship.

You can get feedback, strategize for the upcoming quarter and discuss milestones. Basically, a QBR is a friendly chat every few months that can keep the partnership sailing smoothly.

Kristen Handler, a contributor to the Salesforce 360 Blog, says that a QBR is a win-win when planned well. In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we’re sharing her pro tips for preparing for a QBR.

Get into the right frame of mind. Remember that a QBR is a time to speak to your successes, not give a sales pitch. Handler suggests focusing on the good stuff while also discussing opportunities to improve. There’s no reason to shy away from challenges, she says.

Start with a project plan. Whether it’s a team effort or you’ll prepare the QBR yourself, begin with clarity. Set the agenda and focus areas to stay organized.

Involve your customer champion. Who’s your main client contact? Involve them in the QBR by asking them what story they want to tell and what their management will focus on. This allows you to share metrics and stories that matter the most to them. Making them both look good helps everyone, Handler says.

What To Include In A QBR

Though QBR agendas may look similar, they won’t be identical. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan, Handler says, so be sure to tailor your QBR for each client. Ask them how they prefer to get information and what their biggest needs are. Some clients may want to focus on metrics while others may prefer to discuss how to achieve upcoming goals.

While the order and amount of time spent on each topic varies by client, she suggests including a few common points in each QBR:

  • A history of the partnership. Quickly go over business goals and realign objectives.
  • Data. If you’ve already done a QBR with this client, look for trends and present key metrics.
  • Insights. Use data to deliver new understanding, Handler says. This is your chance to show your promo expertise. Tell a story that showcases success and identify areas for improvement.
  • Customer stories. What client success stories would resonate with a particular client? Use your QBR as an opportunity to share how you’ve helped others succeed.
  • Financial check-in. Handler advises going over budgeted versus actual spend. If you’re over or under budget, be honest about it. Just make sure you support that information with a good reason and have a plan for how to recalibrate, she says.
  • Feedback. At some point in your QBR, get your client’s feedback. Find out what they’d like to see in your next review.
  • A look ahead. Agree on a roadmap for next quarter and assign specific action items if needed.

Don’t let your QBRs slip through the cracks. They’re a chance to show your clients you’re in their corner and committed to their continued success.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Kristen Handler is a senior account manager at Red Argyle. She contributes to the Salesforce 360 Blog.