The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has posted a notice to the Federal Register announcing the beginning of the process for a proposed List Four of Chinese imports upon which tariffs will be levied. The proposed 25 percent tariffs cover approximately $300 billion in additional products, representing almost all imports from China not already covered under the previous tariff lists. The USTR will hold a public hearing on the tariffs on June 17. President Trump is set to meet with China’s President Xi at the G-20 Summit at the end of June. A final decision on the List Four tariffs is not expected before then.

Tariffs Hurt The Heartland—a nationwide campaign against tariffs supported by the coalitions Farmers For Free Trade and Americans For Free Trade, of which PPAI is a member—has issued a statement on the new list of proposed tariffs:

“As the White House’s top economic advisor has acknowledged, tariffs are taxes paid by American businesses and consumers—not foreign governments. This latest escalation means the trade war will only get worse and hit home for every American. Forcing American consumers to pay more for clothes, shoes, toys, electronics and even food, while making it more difficult for exporters to compete, will do nothing to hold China accountable. Farmers, low-income consumers and small businesses will be disproportionately impacted at a time when every sale and every dollar counts.

“As we’ve said all along, we support the administration’s goal of reaching an agreement with China that addresses unfair trading practices. Tariffs are the wrong way to do it, and the proof is growing every day. To put more pressure on China, we need to work with our trading partners across the globe who share our same concerns, deploy creative alternatives to tariffs and look to agreements that set higher standards for trade in Asia, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”