Your clients just received their promo order from you. What do they do now? With some client education, you can show them the ins and outs of their new products and help them achieve the results they desired when they first bought from you.

Taking time to provide customer education is one of the most important actions you can take. Molly Hocutt, a content manager at Livestorm, says if you want your clients to stick around for any length of time, you need a solid customer education process in place.

What exactly is client education? According to Hocutt, it’s simply providing your clients with the knowledge to help them use and understand your products better. In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we outline Hocutt’s thoughts on the many advantages of customer education.

Faster, more efficient onboarding. A strong customer education process creates a faster, more efficient customer onboarding process, Hocutt says. Teach your clients about the promos they’ve just received and the best ways to use them. Doing so helps provide value early in the onboarding process.

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Another reason to prioritize client education? You’ll be helping your clients have a better experience and get better results with their promo. Plus, Hocutt says clients who experience the value of your product are also more likely to keep using it and exploring additional ways that it can help them. A repeat, satisfied customer is much harder to lose than a new one who is frustrated.

Increased engagement. Whether they’re using logoed writing instruments, branded apparel or custom tech gifts, when buyers know how best to use promo, they’re more likely to explore all the way to use the items. And the more they engage with the product, Hocutt says, the likelier they are to use it for the long haul.

Reduced churn rate. Customer education is important for reducing churn rates, according to Hocutt. This is because churn is almost always the result of a customer not getting sufficient value from a product compared to what it costs. She says a well-developed customer education strategy helps clients overcome challenges they encounter and allows them to experience the value of your product.

Positions you as an industry leader. Investing in client education helps show your promo industry expertise. As you provide trainings and information for your customers, you’ll be building a loyal fanbase who will tell others about it. As your loyal user base grows, Hocutt says so will the word-of-mouth marketing done by them.

There are several ways to educate your clients, from creating short education videos to sharing e-books or documents. When you prioritize customer education, you set yourself up to enjoy the benefits above.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Molly Hocutt is a content manager at Livestorm. She oversees written content production and focuses on lead generation and organic website traffic.