Entrepreneurs are passionate, driven and hardworking folks. They love the grind. “I’m building my future,” is what they all say. No more nine to five. The problem with this attitude is that it can lead to burn out—that state where you know you should be doing something productive, but you physically and/or mentally can’t.

To deal with the guilt of not doing anything, you keep promising yourself things will be different. “I’ll take it easier next week; I’ll take some time to myself,” but you know it’s probably not going to happen.

Promotional Consultant Today shares why taking a day off on a regular basis can transform your attitude, your productivity and your business.

Many entrepreneurs promote working long days to get a business started, especially in the early years. But what are you missing out on as a result? What’s the danger of making decisions with a tired brain? It could potentially cost you thousands. The amount of hours you work per day is an easily quantifiable metric; your quality of work as well as doing the right things to really push your business forward is not.

There needs to be a balance, a time to recharge so that you can do better work. We were not made to run at full speed on productivity all day, everyday. We need re-charge cycles. This applies to the end of the work day (not doing work at night and going to the gym), during the work day (only working in 90 minute spurts with breaks in between), and all throughout your life (vacations).

If your muscles need days off from the gym to grow and strengthen, why should your brain be any different? It needs down time as well. For one day (you pick the day), choose to have a completely blank day. There are no responsibilities. No set plans. No work. No e-mail. You sleep in. Just relax and have fun. Create a schedule, and build your down time into the schedule.

Setting a day where you can do whatever you want gives your body a huge re-set and lowers your stress. You’re giving yourself permission to not be productive, not follow through on any habits and not do work for an entire day.

If six out of seven days a week (86 percent of the time) you are doing work and working towards your goals, don’t worry about one day off. By giving yourself a day where you don’t need to do anything, you are strategically fighting decision fatigue for the next week and, after a day off, you will feel re-charged and can get back to crushing it.

Source: Noam Lightstone is a patent-pending inventor, digital nomad, author and engineer. He is the founder of Light Way Of Thinking, a resource aimed at destroying anxiety and depression through self-improvement. His book, Mastery Of The Mind, is a bestseller in multiple categories at Amazon and can help you overcome mental stumbling blocks like fear, anxiety and procrastination.