It isn’t always easy to look on the bright side in sales. It’s tough being turned down and hearing “no” from prospects you had truly hoped to win. However, if you can train yourself to stay positive, you have a major leg up on your competitors.

Dan Tyre, HubSpot’s sales director, says that succeeding in sales is 95 percent mental. When you keep a positive attitude no matter what happens, you can significantly improve your sales success. You will also notice the benefits of staying upbeat begin to trickle into other areas of your life, too.

Want some quick strategies for staying optimistic? Keep reading this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, where we share Tyre’s best ways to look on the bright side.

Keep your goals visible. Write your goals and look at them often. When you know how much progress you are making, it’s easier to stay positive. This can also help you prepare for challenges before they arise.

Make a vision board. Whether you use a digital or physical board, the idea is to compile photos of what you desire for your career or personal life. Leaders in all industries use this tool to stay positive and focused on what they want to achieve.

Commit to self-care. If you are not taking care of your body with proper sleep, nutrition and exercise, you are setting yourself up for burnout and stress. Tyre recommends taking a step back and focusing on your health.

Laugh every day. If you want to feel more upbeat, look for the humor in life. Watch a show that makes you laugh and engage with people who make you happy. When you are in the office, listen to stand-up from your favorite comedian to instantly lighten your mood.

Create your go-to playlist. Music can instantly lift your spirits and get you thinking about things in a new light. Add your favorite artists to a playlist so you have a motivational soundtrack ready to go.

Embrace mistakes. When you mess up, count it as a learning experience. Instead of obsessing over an error, realize that mistakes happen and are part of the learning process as you become a better sales professional and leader.

Build a self-promotional folder. Tyre recommends calling it your “SSP folder,” which stands for “shameless self-promotion.” Whenever you get a compliment, save it to the folder. When you start to feel down, head to this folder for a mood boost.

Prioritize positive people. Think about the people in your network who always make you feel great. Check in with them when you are having a bad day.

Lean into the value you provide. Remember that as a sales professional you are providing important products and services. If you start to feel negative feelings arise, remind yourself that your customers need what you offer.

So much of staying positive in sales comes down to figuring out ways to pep yourself up. Whether you find it helpful to call a friend for a quick pick-me-up or you browse through kudos you have received, look for ways to get yourself back into a positive frame of mind. Tough times will happen in sales, but you maintain control over your outlook.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Dan Tyre is sales director at HubSpot.