Sales reps have their own unique selling styles, but the best ones often share some common traits. Whether you are adding to your sales team this year or you want to help your current sales reps improve in their roles, it helps to know what top-performing sales reps have in common.

Chester Avey, an author for the CloudTask blog, has outlined six traits of the best sales professionals. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Avey’s thoughts on what the best sales reps have in common.

1. They embrace goals. The top performers in sales always want to do the best they can. They not only focus on closing deals, but they also monitor goals. This includes standard goals in addition to stretch goals that keep them moving forward. Challenging goals keep the best sales reps motivated to get even better.

2. They want to learn. According to Avey, the best sales reps are always interested in learning and developing their knowledge. Instead of being satisfied when they make decent numbers, they want to learn how to raise the bar. They are eager to understand all the intricacies of their own products and services, and they also want to explore and understand their target market. Top-performing sales reps know they always have something new to learn.

3. They love their industry. Great sales reps know their products and services inside out, but the best sales reps go a step further. They are passionate about their industry and the people they serve. While anyone can go online to look up a product or service, customers really need help understanding the concept, says Avey. That’s where the best sales reps shine.

4. They are persistent but not pushy. Landing a sale often requires more than one conversation with a prospective customer. The best sales reps know how to respectfully follow up without coming across as aggressive.

5. They are upbeat. Working in sales can be extremely gratifying but also challenging. The best sales reps know how to always look on the bright side, even when they don’t close the deal they had hoped or they lose a client to a competitor. They don’t wallow in disappointment but instead focus on finding opportunities and solutions, says Avey. Great sales reps always look to keep the conversation open, even when they hear a “no.”

6. They possess the right soft skills. You can train sales skills, but you can’t train intangible skills such as coachability and ownership. Avey points out that reps who take ownership and help their sales team succeed will quickly grow within their organization. They will also likely become great leaders.

By studying and understanding the make-up of the top performers in sales, you can hire the best and train your current sales reps to develop better habits or learn new skills. Remember that your business runs on sales. When your sales reps are motivated, passionate, and forward-thinking, you help your team and your organization thrive.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Chester Avey writes about business management and growth consultation and contributes articles for the CloudTask blog.