Everyone benefits from some down time—including leaders. Whether you run your own business and oversee everything yourself, or you manage a team of direct reports, there are times when you may feel drained. During these times, it’s important to know how to recharge.

Leadership and management expert, Art Petty, says that the most successful leaders and business owners refuse to succumb to stress. Instead, they reach into their toolbox and get what they need to fight leadership fatigue.

Whether you’re feeling a bit drained or completely depleted, there are many ways to recharge, according to Petty. We share his top ideas in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Recommit to your purpose. Leading a team or running your own business isn’t supposed to be easy. But you chose this career path for a reason. Check in with yourself by considering how you want to impact those around you. You might finish the statement, “My job as a leader is to …” When you are feeling drained, take some time to consider your purpose as a leader.

2. Adopt a beginner’s mindset. According to Petty, approaching issues from a fresh perspective can lead to inner calm and an endless journey of discovery. Don’t let your pre-existing beliefs or snap judgments take over. Instead, try to look at things through a beginner’s lens, he recommends.

3. Remember to experiment. When you want to recharge your leadership batteries, try shaking things up. Treat the workplace like a living laboratory and try new things, suggests Petty. Push back against the status quo and do something you may not have done before. That’s ultimately how you will succeed.

4. Set a goal to create more value. If you’re not fully charged up as a leader, try looking outside yourself. Find ways to make life better for your direct reports, colleagues or clients. This doesn’t mean that you need all the answers, Petty notes. It simply means that when you approach a meeting or conversation, your goal is to leave the situation better than you found it.

5. Get moving. Physical activity does wonders for rejuvenating the mind and body, says Petty. Try to incorporate regular cardio exercise, weight training and meditation into your week. Not only will you relieve stress, but you will also reboot your creativity. Petty notes that he works out in a gym most days and when he makes an excuse to not work out, he loses energy and creativity. Aim to move more to recharge your leadership battery.

6. Reinvent your career. If your day-to-day work has you feeling uninspired, think about how you could take on something totally different. Petty notes that most organizations have diverse unmet needs. If you want to take on something new, you could help provide a solution to a big problem.

7. Learn something new. Have you wanted to learn how to speak a different language or play an instrument? Pursuing something new can be a great way to recharge your leadership battery. In fact, Petty says pursuing a new passion is energizing and creates a halo effect around your workday. Think about what interests you and sign up for classes or get the materials you need.

Experiencing stress as a leader will happen. You can push back against that stress by giving yourself opportunities to recharge. This might mean finding a new hobby that sparks joy or reflecting on your purpose in your role. The stress won’t disappear completely, but you will have the renewed energy and perspective to handle it.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Art Petty is an executive and emerging-leader coach. He is also a leadership and management author, speaker and workshop presenter.