If you are not achieving the success you desire, it is time to take a step back and assess whether you are assertive enough. When your desires include promotions or more money, being assertive can make those dreams a reality. You can implement four key actions to immediately boost your assertiveness and take control of your destiny.

Promotional Consultant Today shares these four tips from author Jill Johnson.

1. Watch your body language: Body language dominates the spoken word and can help you express yourself in a more assertive manner. Your posture and facial expressions play an important role in becoming more assertive. You need to make and maintain eye contact rather than looking away when you talk. Standing tall or sitting up straight when you speak conveys an air of confidence. People who project confident body language are listened to more carefully.

2. Speak up: Don’t just wish for things to happen. Ask for what you want. Tell people what you are interested in. Send emails to more than one person in your group or copy your boss on key items to ensure others cannot take credit for your ideas. Communicate in person if the matter is important or controversial. Focus your energy on bringing forward good ideas rather than complaining about decisions that have already been made.

3. Be prepared: Do your homework before you go into a meeting. The discipline of preparing ahead of time will make you more confident because your thoughts, opinions and ideas will be organized. Making an outline and rehearsing will help you get to the point more powerfully in the meeting. Be sure you have all the data and information you need to support your opinions so you will respond better to people who dismiss your ideas or challenge them. People will be less likely to interrupt if you are in the middle of making a valuable comment.

4. Practice: Assertiveness is a skill like any other—you have to practice it repeatedly before it becomes something you can do with ease. Volunteer for assignments so you can get in front of more people to augment your experience. Practice being assertive inside and outside of work. As you gain confidence and learn to express yourself more clearly, you will be more comfortable speaking up when it really counts and your ideas will likely be more accepted.

Taking responsibility for your future can provide you with a real shot at meaningful career success.

Source: Jill Johnson is the president and founder of Johnson Consulting Services, a highly accomplished speaker and an award-winning management consultant. Johnson helps her clients make critical business decisions and develop market-based strategic plans for turnarounds or growth. Her consulting work has influenced nearly $4 billion worth of decisions. She has a proven record of accomplishment of dealing with complex business issues and getting results.