People are pulling pranks today for April Fools Day, but there are more laughs to come this summer. International Joke Day falls on July 1 every year. Brands can join the fun with promotional products, whether they give them out during summer events or at various venues.

Humor helps brands connect with audiences—especially now, when more than half of consumers (58 percent) want to see advertising that makes them laugh, according to consulting firm, Content Works. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we’re sharing a few promo ideas to tickle funny bones and incorporate a little humor on International Joke Day.

Plan For This Promo:
What: International Joke Day
When: July 1

Freakin’ Funny

Freakers are one-size-fits all beverage insulators that keeps drinks cold and hands dry. Choose from more than two dozen designs like the Chile Nelson.
Freaker USA / PPAI 768880, S3 /

Giraffes Just Joshin’ Around

Toy shops, pet stores and zoos can spark joy on International Joke Day with a Stuffed Animal Plush Toy. Get it screen-printed or add a customized bandana, scarf or ribbon.
Curtco Toy Mfg Co. Ltd / PPAI 217086, S4 /

Pop By

Kick off a corporate lunch-and-learn on International Joke Day with some comedy and a Stress Pop Flyer. This lightweight and portable sensory fidget toy is made from washable silicone material. It features 21 bubbles that recipients can push down to stimulate creative thinking.
Aakron / PPAI 111082, S10 /

Cool Off

Serve up a joke and a smile with the Ice Pop Coolie. Ideal for giving out at summer camps and youth sports events, this reusable, full-color ice-pop holder delights kids while keeping brands visible.
HPG / PPAI 110772, S11 /

Mail A Smile

The Foam Helicopter Propeller ships flat, allowing brands to mail a joke and a greeting along with this propeller-shaped puzzle. Recipients just add a pencil and spin around for an instant stress reliever.
Foamworx / PPAI 211138, S5 /

Compiled by Audrey Sellers