PPAI has promoted Ellen Tucker to the role of vice president of revenue and expositions. Tucker previously held the role of director of business development and expositions.

She will be taking on a larger leadership role within the Association, having already been an integral part of PPAI’s work to advance the promotional marketplace for the benefit of members.

Tucker, who has been with PPAI since 2014, talked with PPAI Media about her promotion, what energizes her about the new role, and what her immediate goals are  going forward.

PPAI Media: What excites you about this new position?

Ellen Tucker: I’m excited to be moving into a more comprehensive leadership role at PPAI and playing a key role in leading our team forward and engaging with our members to achieve our strategic goals, fulfill our mission, and drive forward PPAI’s vision.

PPAI Media: Do you see your responsibilities changing significantly with your new title? Or will you leave some responsibilities behind in exchange for new ones?

Tucker: In this new role, I will be working across all departments to ensure the Association’s revenue goals are met and that we are optimizing opportunities to generate revenue that will fund the Association’s efforts for the industry. From a direct responsibility perspective, this will include taking on supplier membership as we move that to our Business Development department, as well as taking an active role in PPAI’s overall membership strategy.

PPAI Media: Is there one big message or takeaway you’ve learned about the promotional products industry since joining PPAI in 2014?

Tucker: The people. The community. Experiencing first-hand how so many have described the community as unlike any other. That this community is welcoming, supportive, innovative, friendly, perseverant, and so much more. It is a joy to be a part of this industry and to work at the Association that works on behalf of such a great community.

PPAI Media: Do you have any immediate goals for your first few months in your new role?

Tucker: The Association, like many organizations, is entering the time of year where we are planning and budgeting for the following year. It is exciting to transition into this new role at the beginning of that cycle, allowing my immediate goals to be a mix of exceeding existing 2022 goals, determining what success will look like moving forward, and setting up our team for success in 2023, with the right plans and resources in place.  

PPAI Media: When you’re not thinking about promotional products, what are some of your interests?

Tucker: I love to travel, to have the opportunity to explore new places, experience different cultures and meet new people.

I’ve also always had a love for sports. Not being quite ready to stop playing, I still (attempt to) play indoor soccer on the weekends. During football season—while my friends and colleagues might tell you it’s year-round—it’s hard to miss that I’m an avid Green Bay Packers fan.