I’ve been wanting to start a garden for nearly two years. It’s a pandemic hobby I haven’t forgotten about. This summer, I finally went to the nursery and bought my “plant babies.”

Now, there’s a small bush of cherry tomatoes that greet me every morning on my way to work. I also have jalapeños and bell peppers flowering. There’s nothing better than picking a vegetable that you’ve grown yourself. I peek under leaves every chance I get just to see how they’re growing.

During the pandemic, the demand for everything exploded, even houseplants became a hot commodity. Pre-COVID the “plant parent” trend was already sprouting with plantfluencers and décor trends. Plants also give people a sense of purpose, joy and identity. Seventy percent of Millennials call themselves “plant parents.”

Tending to plants is soothing. I never forget to water my plants. Studies show only 15 minutes of interaction with houseplants can help reduce stress. Neil Fine, president of Illinois-based supplier Illini/Altco, says, “Plants have a long-lasting effect with the recipient, whether it remains on your desk, hangs from the window, sits on the kitchen counter or in a classroom.” Houseplants can also enhance productivity and remove up to 87% of airborne toxins in just 24 hours.

Gifting plants is significant. Fine says, “Whether it’s a new hire who wants to grow with the company, a financial institution that wants to see their funds grow, or in the educational market as a learning tool, or possibly a recruiting tool to grow with a new company, plants have a positive effect on everyone.”

While green thumbs worry if they’re plant babies are getting enough sunlight and water, your clients can delight end users with promo that will never soil. Fine suggests starting with a message then finding the perfect seed. “The impact of the imprint will have a long-lasting impression. With so many planters and seed varietals to choose from, you can tailor the sales message to any function or holiday event with your message positively displayed.”

Most American households (66%) have at least one houseplant, so take a look at these plant promos.

This Snap-In Blossom Kit contains seeds, a peat pellet, a plastic flowerpot and instructions. Choose from seed options like basil, cilantro, chamomile, forget-me-not, jalapeno, lavender and more. For every planter kit order received, a tree will be donated to One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation.

Illini/Altco / PPAI 111235, S7 / www.illiniline.com

Perfect for green thumbs, this eight-piece garden apron set is perfect for storing everything you need while caring for plants. This set comes with a waterproof apron, spray bottle, broad zinc-plated trowel, narrow zinc-plated trowel, three-prong zinc-plated cultivator, locking crescent blade pruner, non-slip gardening gloves and 100 feet of gardening twist tie.

Ace Products / PPAI 216490, S6 / www.aceproductsusa.com

This recycled egg carton growing kit includes three mini-seed packets with a generous scoop of seeds, along with three mini soil wafers for growing. A custom-printed, recycled cardstock wrap leaves a large imprint area for your message. Pick from a variety of seed options like sunflower, basil, forget-me-not, pink wildflowers, pumpkin and more.

Bloomin Promotions / PPAI 216914, S1 / www.bloominpromotions.com

Curated and thoughtful, this self-care focused, lavender growing gift set offers a botanical take on traditional gift giving. Just add water to start growing your own calming lavender plant. Set aside time to recharge with the meditation hourglass and soothing essential oil roller. This kit includes non-GMO lavender seeds, meditation hourglass and a soothing essential oil roller.

Gemline / PPAI 113948, S11 / www.gemline.com

This Watering Can Planter comes individually packaged in a preprinted sleeve making it a perfect giveaway. Simply remove the seeds from the packet, plant under a layer of good soil (provided), water daily and watch seedlings sprout. Instructions are included on the preprinted sleeve. Choose from clover, forget-me-not or sunflower seeds.

Jornik Manufacturing Corp. / PPAI 111065, S6 / www.jornik.com