Supplier Orbus Exhibit & Display Group (PPAI 428128) in Woodridge, Illinois, announced that it has surpassed its yearly environmental goals and increased its recycling to almost 90 percent for 2018. As of mid-year, Orbus recycled 460,000 pounds of cardboard, cores and paper, and 135,000 pounds of plastic.

Orbus reduced its total waste being sent to landfills to only 10 percent after finding a company to recycle its wood waste. Orbus recycles fabrics, paper, aluminum, plastics, batteries, electronics, steel, wood pallets and skids and encourages employees to do their part. Recycle bins are placed in all common areas and at desks, and the largest bins reside in the warehouse. Orbus has two full-time team members dedicated to physical recycling labor and several dedicated to recycling program management.

“Orbus prints over 26,000 square feet of display graphics alone each day,” says Jim Concannon, operations manager. “That, coupled with other aspects of operations, [and] we produce a lot of recyclable items. One of Orbus’ core values is to protect and preserve the environment, and I am thrilled that our efforts have diverted even more from landfills in 2018.