Sales leaders need a strong work ethic to drive productivity, quality and consistency. For many, a desire for success is key in developing a strong work ethic. Do you know what that passion for success looks like for your sales team members? When you understand their “why,” you can better recognize their motivators and help them meet and exceed their quotas and deadlines.

Talita Guerrero, co-founder of Right Key Mortgage, LLC, says there are three key focus areas when it comes to guiding your sales team to success. We share Guerrero’s thoughts on how to help your team develop good habits in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

Productivity. Finishing projects and tasks in a timely manner is crucial for productivity. Work ethic helps employees avoid procrastination, which ultimately kills deadlines. It helps improve the drive to go beyond issues that arise throughout the projects to the final goal of completion. It is also important to produce quality work, notes Guerrero. Managers do not want to see projects completed sloppily. A strong work ethic helps employees meet deadlines and deliver quality results. Training that is focused on efficiency, the ability to delegate and steps to reduce distractions can help increase your team’s level of quality productivity.

Professionalism. Guerrero asserts that professionalism is also critical when developing a successful sales team. Punctuality, preparedness and follow-through are all key to achieving sales quotas and getting referrals.

With the advancement in technology, it is very easy to look up a company’s track record. Customers are always shopping around for services. Maintaining a high level of professionalism amongst your sales team will guarantee a reputation that customers can rely on, therefore beating the competition and increasing sales. Increasing your team’s ability to care, communicate well and remain committed to customers can increase their professionalism.

Balance. A successful sales team must include balance throughout different aspects of life, says Guerrero. Having a good work ethic does not mean working until you burn yourself out. A good work ethic means you know your needs and how to take care of yourself. Staying healthy, sleeping well and knowing your limits and priorities are all important aspects to staying balanced and allowing you to give your best in the workplace.

She encourages sales leaders to reinforce the importance of balance with their sales team so they are always ready to deliver their best work. Using the 80/20 rule can help employees stay balanced. This rule indicates that 20 percent of your activities result in 80 percent of your results. It’s important for employees to analyze their day-to-day activities and recognize their hardest tasks, which are usually the most valuable.

Starting with and accomplishing those tasks will leave your team more free time to complete everything else while making sure the most critical part of their day is complete.

How well do you know your sales team members? Take some time to help them develop good habits and a strong work ethic. You’ll all benefit from the results.

Source: Talita Guerrero is co-founder of Right Key Mortgage, LLC. She oversees the company’s sales team in six states. Guerrero is also an investor and founder of KK Real Estate Investments.