Top performers in sales are often some of the most charismatic professionals. They have a magnetic personality that makes them charming and appealing to others. Like with many personality traits, charisma comes naturally to some while others must work at it.

When many sales meetings take place over Zoom calls and virtual meetings, it takes some creativity to let your charisma shine. Ramon Ray, a speaker, best-selling author and producer, says it is worth the effort since charm and charisma can help you overcome the cold and impersonal lens of a video camera.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Ray’s tips for enhancing your charisma in a digital world.

Look at the camera. Most people want to look at the other person on video calls, but Ray says it is better to look directly at the camera. This allows the client or prospect to see you looking at them instead of your screen.

Smile frequently. Charismatic people are happy and warm, so don’t be afraid to smile often during your virtual sales calls. Remember that a smile can go a long way to break the ice and diffuse the awkward first few minutes of a video call, says Ray.

Use the other person’s name. Another way to boost your charisma is to simply acknowledge those on your call. When someone makes an interesting point, reference their name and re-affirm what they said. This makes them feel valued and they will likely remember you positively for using their name, notes Ray.

Use chat. Many online platforms feature a chat tool, which can be a great way to build rapport and add value to a conversation. Just be mindful not to use it as a self-promotion tool. Instead, chat with clients or prospects about helpful tips or industry news. Try to be a resource for them while showing your personality.

Create an appealing background. If you are working from home, make sure your background looks comfortable and professional. And you should also invest in good lighting, adds Ray.

Speak enthusiastically. To bolster your charisma online, pay attention to how your voice sounds. If you speak in an upbeat, cheerful tone, you will get clients and prospects to sit up and take notice, says Ray. Video fatigue is real, so instead of adding to the noise, use your voice to demonstrate your charisma.

Get playful with props. Ray likes to use intentional props, like a bell or a bright red cup, to show his charisma during video calls. When you embrace fun and lightheartedness, you offer your audience something they may not be getting elsewhere, allowing you to stand out.

Follow up. Always be sure to follow up with clients and prospects after a video call. Ray notes that letting them know you care and want to develop a mutually beneficial relationship is always important.

Charismatic salespeople know how to connect with prospects and clients and build rapport that leads to lasting business relationships. Even if you conduct most of your sales calls virtually, you can still showcase your warmth and personality by remembering to look at the camera, bringing in props, and smiling often. Charisma is powerful, so try these tips to boost yours.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Ramon Ray is founder of He is a global speaker, best-selling author and producer.