Great leaders show up every day and give their best for their employees. They are not sidelined by challenges or detoured by obstacles. They look for solutions and help guide and motivate their team. While no one looks forward to roadblocks, great leaders know that every challenge is an opportunity to strengthen their leadership capabilities.

Lolly Daskal, founder of Lead from Within, says every leadership role includes its own set of challenges. In her work as a leadership coach, she has seen all kinds of situations that test even the strongest leaders. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we highlight some of the common situations that allow leaders to flex their leadership skills and rise to the challenge at hand.

1. Rise up when you are starting something new. When you introduce something new, whether it’s a new project management tool, a new employee or a new initiative, it’s challenging. New is different. You don’t have experience with this particular person or resource, and this can be stressful to you and your team. When you don’t know what to expect with something new, Daskal says it’s important to put in the planning and effort to ensure the new initiative is successful.

2. Rise up when you are ending something. Anytime circumstances change, it can bring on heightened emotions that can be difficult to manage, says Daskal. Whether a sales rep is departing or you are ending a long-term venture, you have an opportunity to help your team through the transition. Be sure to tie up loose ends so everyone can move on successfully, adds Daskal.

3. Rise up when you know a change is coming. Change is easier for some people than others. When you are planning a change—even when it’s a positive change—you can help your team members process the news. For example, your sales reps may be wary about a particular update. Illuminate the way for your employees and offer words of encouragement as your team navigates changes. Remember that you can’t have growth and improvement if things stay the same.

4. Rise up during times of transition. Daskal notes that it is one thing to plan for change, but when the transformation begins, your team will face the real challenges. This is your chance to lead with thoughtfulness, authenticity and careful communication. Be sure you take time to listen to your sales reps, even when you may be distracted by everything on your plate.

Being a leader takes commitment and courage. It’s tough to keep going when stresses seem to come from every possible angle. However, you can make sure you serve your team well by bringing your best self to every situation. Consider the common circumstances above and be prepared the next time you find yourself up against challenge.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Lolly Daskal is founder of Lead from Within, a global leadership, executive coaching and consulting firm. The Huffington Post called Daskal, “One of the most inspiring women in the world.”