Sales managers have the unique opportunity to develop reps into exceptional salespeople and to help their organization reach new levels of success. Whether you’ve worked in sales management for years or you aspire to lead a sales team, it’s important to watch out for some common mistakes that many sales managers make.

In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we share some pointers from Henning Schwinum, co-founder at Vendux, on some of the main traps that can make sales managers stumble.

1. Not preparing properly. You might think it’s enough to know a prospect’s buying history or when a competitor approaches them. But Schwinum says it’s also important that sales managers talk with their salespeople about the scenarios they might encounter and how to respond to these scenarios. Taking a step back and asking yourself how you can best prepare allows you to make more progress while also reducing your stress, he says.

2. Trying to do it all on your own. Being a sales manager can be a challenging job that’s lonely at times. You may feel like you need to make swift decisions and feel totally confident in your choices. However, Schwinum says if something feels too big in the moment, ask for more time and consult with others. This doesn’t take away from your authority but shows that you are a true leader.

3. Walking away too easily. Many sales managers fall into the trap of giving up too quickly on a seemingly unreasonable client. It’s better, Schwinum says, to always keep a door open for conversations down the line. Teach your salespeople to be persistent and play the long game rather than moving on to newer leads or ones that may appear to be easier or better.

4. Saying “never.” This word is negative and permanent, so try to avoid it. When you do so, you show a winning attitude, Schwinum says. Sales managers sometimes think in black-and-white terms but getting to a deal may involve many shades of gray characterized by compromise and negotiation. Avoid saying “never,” which is essentially closing the door on a prospect.

5. Taking over too often. Do you ever find yourself taking over a rep’s task just to get it done quickly? This can undermine the salesperson’s authority, leave them demoralized, and stunt their growth and learning, Schwinum says. Resist from getting those quick fixes and use them as coaching opportunities instead.

Being a great sales manager requires many capabilities and skillsets. As you work to grow in your role, stay mindful of the traps above.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Henning Schwinum is co-founder and managing partner at Vendux. He helps growth-minded founders, owners and CEOs build sales into an effective and repeatable process.