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Imprint Plus outfits businesses with customizable name badges, desk plates and more

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The first day of school for many students means a snappy new backpack, freshly sharpened pencils and bright white notebook paper to start the year off right. The folks at Imprint Plus (UPIC: imp8687) can infuse that same excitement into the first day of a new job or a new company with their name badge and desk plate kits, which are manufactured and assembled at the Canadian supplier’s facility in Richmond, British Columbia.

The process by which Imprint Plus’s Mighty Badge kits, name plate kits and other workplace necessities are created relies on a lean manufacturing philosophy that focuses on delivering value to customers by minimizing waste, says CEO Marla Kott. “The concept of preserving value with less work is the backbone of ‘lean’—and the goal we set for ourselves.

“Waste reduction is an integral part of the corporate culture at Imprint Plus,” she says. “We’re continually looking for, finding and removing waste from our processes, systems, space, activities, materials—everything we do.”

The simplest item to produce is the desk plate, says Kott, and the most complex is the insert sheet that enables product customization and personalization. Imprint Plus utilizes a variety of specialized materials and specialized equipment for production, and ensures its staff members are properly trained for the task at hand.

“Staff is trained onsite; lean [manufacturing] training certification is a requirement, safety certifications are required as we need three to four staff members always present, and project management training and certifications are required,” Kott says. “The specialized equipment in printing is designed to ensure the images we produce on small surfaces exhibit excellent craftsmanship, one of our cornerstone principles.”

Read on to learn how Imprint Plus produces materials for name badges and desk accessories for use in a variety of business settings.


Metal name badge plates are fabricated and have holes punched on-site at the Imprint Plus facility in Richmond.

ScreeningShoppaper badges web

Paper badges are customized with names or logos—or both—in the screen printing shop.

Custom Packagingkit

Factory specialist Edward Browne works on the custom packaging line to ensure the kits are complete before they are shipped. Imprint Plus’s popular kits are prepacked with all the components needed to create name badges, desk plates and signs.


Quality Assurance Specialist Cecelia Calderon measures to ensure Imprint Plus products meet strict tolerances.

badge components

Each plate, lens cover and insert sheet is 100-percent guaranteed to snap together seamlessly.

Lean Kaizen In Progress

Imprint Plus utilizes lean manufacturing practices in every aspect of business. (Left to right) HeeJun Moon, operations support; Bonnie Wall, operations manager; and Bryan Freitag, logistics coordinator, collaborate on a project using Lean Kaizen principles.

About Imprint Plus

Founding date



Marla Kott, CEO

Kristin MacMillan, President

Ellen Flanders, Founder

Size of production facility

18,000-square-foot factory with additional warehouse and office space in Toronto; Blaine, Washington and the UK

Number of employees


Number of orders filled per year

Approximately 50,000

Notable accomplishments

 Kott, Flanders and MacMillan were ranked No. 42 in Profit W100 Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs (2015 marks the 10th consecutive year the team has been listed)

 Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Awards recipients (2013-2015)

Top Three Products At Imprint Plus

 Name badge kits that include software, insert sheets to customize and personalize, plates, lens covers and a magnetic backing.

 Standing sign kits that include software, insert sheets to customize and personalize, the one-piece sign and a lens cover.

 Contemporary desk plate kit that includes software, bright white insert sheets to customize and personalize, the holder, stand and cover, which fit together by pressure alone.