In sales, offers are everything. Your offer has to be compelling enough to land that first meeting and keep prospects moving through the funnel. If you don’t have an appealing offer, prospects won’t be enticed to pay attention. Many sales professionals overlook the importance of creating irresistible offers. They make cold calls and wonder why they’re not making progress. They keep getting rejected and they’re not sure why.

Belinda Aramide, the founder of Claim Your Space coaching, knows why — their offers aren’t juicy enough. What makes a juicy offer? According to Aramide, juicy offers are Justified, Unique, Irresistible, Consequential, and inspire an easy Yes.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we outline Aramide’s on how to create juicy offers at every at every state of the sales process.

Is it justified? Does your offer warrant the investment? Aramide says it doesn’t matter whether you’re asking for 15 minutes of someone’s time or a $15 million capital expenditure, it all boils down to the same thing — you’re asking someone to part with a valuable resource. Always show your prospects the value in what you’re asking of them. Help them see you know where they’re coming from.

Is it unique? The juiciest offers don’t sound like other offers — there’s something extra compelling about them. Prospects don’t want to keep hearing the same thing. In other words, they don’t want to hear, “We have the most robust solution …” or “We have the newest products in the industry …” If you’re going to stand out with a juicy offer, Aramide says you must be unique and specific.

Is it irresistible? Your sales offer has to get people excited to take action. Just because you call someone in the middle of their day or email them yet again doesn’t mean you’re going to get the appointment or the sale, Aramide says. Look at your offer from the prospect’s perspective. What are their pressures? What could be going wrong that would make them want to make a switch? How are you uniquely positioned to handle their issues?

Is it consequential? Will working with you resolve their issue or improve their life? Aramide says that the bigger the impact, the more people want to be part of what you have to offer. Pay attention to what matters in your prospects’ world and know how to communicate the consequential benefit of partnering with you.

Does it inspire an absolute yes? Prospects don’t have to mull over juicy offers. They know immediately it’s going to be a great fit. One way you can make it easy for prospects at the beginning of the sales cycle is to offer two calendar times to meet. This way you can book a call without having to go back and forth deciding on the best time for both parties. Make it easy for them to say yes to you.

With juicy offers, you can boost your cold call conversion rate and your close ratio. Instead of wondering why people aren’t responding to you, take a look at your offer. Make sure it’s as J.U.I.C.Y. as possible and watch your numbers improve.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Belinda Aramide is the founder of Claim Your Space coaching. She primarily works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to refine their sales process and leverage the power of personal branding to sell.