You’ve probably heard it said that prospecting is a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more you can increase your chances of landing an appointment. In reality, though, prospecting requires an ability to stick with it. Too many salespeople call it quits on a prospect before they’ve really tried to find, vet and research them.

Emily Estey, an executive with The Center for Sales Strategy, says most salespeople give up after only two approaches, yet many studies recommend at least six approaches. To make more appointments, she says it’s important to consider how you communicate your concern for individuals as customers. You should also think about how you communicate what you and your company bring to the table.

In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we highlight Estey’s formula for securing more appointments.

Day 1: Estey recommends emailing a testimonial from a satisfied customer. You could say something like, “You’re going to hear a lot from me over the next 10 days because I believe there are some compelling reasons why we should work together.” End the communication with the specific time you’ll call on Day 3.

Day 3: Call the prospect at the time you specified. If you get voicemail, say you have more interesting information to share that you will send over the next week, Estey says. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. First be sure your profile is current and ready for the spotlight.

Day 6: Call again with an article or research you think will be interest the prospect. Estey recommends sending the email as soon as you hang up.

Day 7: Get your stamps ready. Today’s the day you mail a custom greeting card or personal letter asking the prospect to contact you. If your prospect is local, Estey suggests dropping by.

Day 11: At this step, reach out via email with a success story. Let the prospect know you’ll call them the next day at a specific time.

Day 12: Call at the time you promised and leave a voicemail. Estey says you should let the prospect know if you don’t hear from them soon, you will have to bring your ideas to others but would prefer to work with them. Then, share your reasons why.

Day 16: Though Estey says you’ll most likely have the appointment long before this, you could add some humor and reiterate you would not be calling unless you believed you could increase their bottom line. She recommends suggesting three times that the prospect could call you in the next few days and ask him or her to pick one.

If you worry that your persistence makes you appear like a pest, there’s a good chance you’re wrong. Like you, your prospects are busy. They likely won’t see every email or get a chance to respond to every outreach. Keep at it and your diligence will pay dividends.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Emily Estey is a VP/senior consultant for The Center for Sales Strategy.