Aware (PPAI 835662, Standard-Base)

Ideal Customer:

Our ideal customers are suppliers. We believe in a trustworthy promo industry. Aware aims to become the new standard for digital product passports, not just in promo industry but in all consumer products. We envision a future where transparency, trust, and sustainability are not just values, but the norm.

The Solution:

We build back trust into the fibers of the textile industry. Aware is quickly becoming the new standard in fiber forward traceability. With Aware in your corner, you can relax about compliance, liability and supply chain transparency. Discover the easiest way to be sure about your products, partners and promises. Make a verifiable claim in only one push on the button. We have everything you need to stop freaking out about reliability issues, ranging from our physical tracer (‘trust dust’) to the Aware fiber forward supply chain platform.

What You’ll Need:

The ideal staffing headcount ranges from 20-1000.


We have a SaaS-model.


Fiber Forward Traceability: Know the origins of your materials.
Increase Consumers Trust: Make verifiable sustainability claims, backed by data.
Centralized Data Hub: Streamline validation and legal compliances.


Frank Carpenito, President & CEO of Gemline: “At Gemline, we firmly believe that sustainability should not be a luxury, but an accessible choice for all. This revolutionary technology empowers our distributor partners to lead with confidence and integrity, offering a unique value proposition to their end customers. At comparable price points to non-sustainable product alternatives, distributor reps can now more easily trade their end customers from conventional to sustainable products without adversely impacting budgets.”