PPB Service Superhero Nomination

Who's Your Service Superhero?


Tell PPB about someone whom you consider a Service Superhero—that person within your company or within a vendor company who proves over and over again that service does still exist. (Note: All nominees must be employed by a PPAI member company. Previous winners cannot be selected for the honor again. Click here to see the full list of previous winners.) 

The 2021 nomination period has now closed. Please look for the announcement of winners in PPB Newslink.

Questions or problems? Contact Tina Berres Filipski, 972-258-3084 




2011-2020 PPB Service Superheroes

These individuals have been selected for this honor previously and will permanently remain on this list. They do not need to be nominated again.

Previous winners include:

Michelle Aberdein   Sara Harrington   PooYuen On
Christy Acree   Erin Hayes   Anna Paczkowska
Alyssa Adriansen   Heather Heidrich   Michael Pastore
Gloria Alavez   Julie Henschel Chase   Zoe Payne
Jessie Alberto   Christina Hernandez   Adam Peffer
Hillary Andrus   Erin Hill   Alison Peters
Laurie Bandas   Olympia Howe   Brenda Pflumm
Silas Barker   Preshia Humecke   Yesina “Jessie” Pina
Colleen Bibby   Kaelyn Hunter   Clement Quirke
Chris Bice   John Jacobsen   Mikhael Reed
Destiny Bieller   Joe Jehle   Connie Rees
Faye Biesel   Diane Joy   Allison Riley
Karey Bown   Jim Kelley   Missy Salaam
Jolene Brang   Debra Kelso   Akhil Shastry
Lindsay Bratsky   Barb Krey   Rosa Sheridan
Denise Brune   Laurie Kunkel   Jenna Smallins
Renelle Cameron   Tina Kusal   Josh Strosser
Jamie Catarnichi   Margaret Lanese   Ericka Sutton
Albert Chan   Brandi Laster   Marcus Sweeney
Mary Jane Clark   Martha Lazaratos   Mike Tarter
Larry Cole   Garrett Lee   Marianne Taylor
Carrie Conde   Ashley Lind   Liz Thill
Stephanie Conklin   Darcy Lohr   Venus Thom
Linda Cooper   Donna Lomazini   Gary Thorne
Jimmy Corigliano   Karen Makara   Sue Tobias
Crissy Cosner   Jennifer Markulin   Jean Trimarco
Mary Crosetto   Katrina Marshall   Christine Tworzydlo
Wendy Curtis   Devin Martin   Sandra Vaillancourt
Lindsey Davis, MAS   Matt Masters   Cindy Ward
Dhu Dazey   Mark McKellar   Tom Warkel
Tara Devino   Sheri Mischke   Nancy Waters
Kat Dlugolecki   Denise Mohn   Melissa Willever
Paul Gamboa   Paola Morales   Sheryl Williams
Craig Gengler   Larry Morris   Erin Wilson
Susie Goobie   Matt Morrison   Amy Wooldridge
Pam Gray   Nicholas Mulargia   Erin Wright
Tommy Grizzaffi   Rochelle Natale   Phred Young
Talia Gutierrez   Yesenia Nunez