The Stanley Quencher is still a red-hot promo product – but did you know the drinkware giant now offers apparel, too?

With the slogan “Wear the Bear” (its winged mascot), the new Stanley apparel collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and socks. Its colorways and decoration choices are on trend, from a light pink corduroy cap with a vegan leather patch to the earthy “Stanley green” (sage), cream, dusty blue and pale orchid tees and sweats.

Most pieces bear the bear logo, but a few, like the “Quencher Love” crew sweatshirt and dad cap, sport the famed tumblers. In particular, the four kids’ tees feature the bear logo prominently in yet another savvy branding move, given the viral videos of ecstatic elementary schoolers screaming or crying over their new Stanley tumblers.

The apparel launch raises two important questions for the promotional products industry:

  • Will the apparel line remain self-promo for Stanley or make its way into the industry?
  • Will the Stanley Quencher remain a must-have promo product?

Liz Haesler, chief merchandising officer at PCNA, says definitely yes to the second: Stanley drinkware isn’t going away anytime soon. PCNA, the No. 7 supplier in the inaugural PPAI 100, offers the ultra-popular Stanley Quencher in 30-oz. and 40-oz., as well as half a dozen other Stanley pieces.

“This level of brand passion is unparalleled and signifies a shift in the promotional products industry. For the first time, we’re witnessing a major trend being actively driven by our sector, highlighting the growing demand from end consumers for trending, quality products,” she says Haesler. “The era where only post-peak brands dominated the promotional space is over; consumers demand what’s current and exciting, and Stanley has delivered on this new expectation.”

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Currently, the Stanley apparel collection (not to be confused with Stanley Workwear) is available only through the site, and prices range from $15 for a pair of crew socks and $80 for a full-zip hoodie.