In 2020, instead of splurging on the latest designer shoe or handbag, consumers were desperately hunting down hand sanitizer and face masks. As people focused on getting practical goods, the global luxury personal goods market tanked.

According to research from consulting firm Bain & Co., the market experienced the greatest year-over-year drop ever recorded in the nearly 25 years of market tracking, resulting in a 23% percent decline in sales. Compare thatto the 2008 recession, when global luxury sales declined less than 10% over a two-year period.

To survive in this new, post-COVID era, amid explosive social reckonings and urgent environmental efforts, marketers have redefined ‘luxury’ itself. As millions stayed home, consumers began to spend on personal indulgences.

Data from The NPD Group shows that fragrance sales jumped 45% during the first quarter of 2021. Others were popping corks, shooting champagne sales up by 103% in April, according to NielsenIQ data. Marketers have call these “everyday luxuries” or “affordable luxuries.”

However, the true definition of luxury remains intact. According to Merriam-Webster, luxury is a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort. But now, luxury can be found in small delights.

In 2021, companies like Häagen-Dazs realized this, too. According to Adweek, Häagen-Dazs redesigned its packaging in August, drawing on consumers’ new concept of luxury. Häagen-Dazs marketing director Rachel Jaiven told Adweek, “The definition of luxury is usually about extravagance. But when [my team] talked about this idea of luxury, it was about the comfort part rather than extravagance. Luxury doesn’t have to be so serious—especially today.”

For many consumers, socially and environmentally conscious products that bring comfort are luxurious. Here are four luxury goods that will ignite a campaign and excite a recipient.

Luxury Promo Products

Nothing screams luxury like popping bottles! Suggest this rose wine kit for your client’s next event or campaign. Perfect for holidays or celebrations, this gift set includes one mini rose wine and one stemless glass taster. Choose from name brand wine and non-alcoholic sparkling options. The wine and glass are nestled with crinkle paper to complete the presentation.

A+ Wine Designs / PPAI 173549, S4 /

For clients with golf-loving executives, offer this gold-plated putter. This right-handed putter is plated in 24-karat gold precision milled and weighted for perfect balance. There are two engraving locations.

Zing Manufacturing / PPAI 517185, S2 /

For end users who want special desserts at home, gift this Swissmar® Fondue Set. This multi-purpose fondue has a ceramic insert that acts as a double boiler, so users can present three different types of fondue—meat, cheese and chocolate. This 11-piece set will transform any meal.

St Regis Group / PPAI 230188, S6 /

Perfect for real estate brokerages or apartment management offices, the House Blessings Box is a memorable housewarming gift. Inside the handmade oak keepsake box are three different types of crystals, an onyx bowl, organic candle, and rose water.

The Urban & The Mystic / PPAI 761703, S1 /