You’ve heard about quiet quitting, but what about quiet hiring? It’s more than just an HR buzzword – it’s a practice that can help companies fill gaps while helping their current employees grow. Vaishali Goswami, a member of the content team at Vantage Circle, says when done well, quiet hiring can benefit both employees and employers.

This is because organizations aren’t simply filling roles as they become vacant. Instead, they’re proactively identifying and developing talent so they always have the skills and capabilities they need. How do you go about quiet hiring? Read on. We share Goswami’s guidance in this issue of PromoPro Daily.

Know what you need. Whether you have a team of 2, 20 or 200, the first step is to clearly define what you’re looking for. Outline the skills and abilities needed so you can identify the right candidates on your team.

Build a talent pool. You can do this even with a small team by encouraging employees to refer potential candidates, Goswami says. Try offering promos for referrals. Just make sure you evaluate these individuals objectively, she says.

Reach out proactively. When you know the skill you need – and you’ve identified someone on your team with that skill – reach out. Gauge their interest in the position, Goswami says, and determine if they’re a good fit.

Keep things under wraps. Maintaining confidentiality is key to avoiding uncertainty among existing employees or revealing sensitive information to competitors, Goswami says. Quiet hiring shouldn’t lead to internal conflicts.

Be transparent. While confidentiality is key, you don’t need to sacrifice transparency. Goswami recommends being clear and upfront about the process and timeline. Aim to provide candidates with an overview of the steps involved and when you expect to make a final decision. Doing so can build trust and promote fairness.

Build up your brand. Use the process of quiet hiring to highlight your company culture and values. This is an ideal opportunity to use promo to show what matters to your business.

Review your compensation and benefits. When building up your team through quiet hiring, don’t forget the importance of options like flexible scheduling and professional development. Goswami says these can help you offer a competitive package and keep your best talent engaged in the long run.

Evaluate the process. Did the process of quiet hiring help boost your brand? Did you experience any challenges? Was the process effective overall? Asking these kinds of questions, Goswami says, can give you valuable insight into how to refine the process for future hiring needs.

If you’re growing your promo business, consider quiet hiring. It can help you create a motivated and engaged team without the cost and time of recruiting new hires externally.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Vaishali Goswami is a member of the content team at Vantage Circle.