Vistaprint (PPAI 565755) has announced plans to open a 332,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas, to support its growth in North America and further improve customer experience. The Waltham, Massachusetts-headquartered distributor expects to invest $50 million over the next few years in the south Dallas site near the International Inland Port of Dallas. It aims to have initial sections of the facility up and running by the end of 2019, reaching full production by 2023.

This will be Vistaprint’s third manufacturing facility in North America and second in the U.S., adding to locations in Windsor, Ontario, and Reno, Nevada. The Dallas facility will enable Vistaprint to reduce the company’s shipping costs and provide improved value to its customers by shortening delivery times. Having a third location also offers redundancy in the event of a natural disaster or other major issue that might hinder production, ensuring Vistaprint can continue to serve its customers without interruption.

“We view this expansion of our manufacturing capabilities as an investment in both our business and in the satisfaction of our customers. As they increasingly demand service on their terms, our new Dallas facility provides a great opportunity for us to exceed their expectations,” says Christian Vaillant, vice president of manufacturing, North America, at Vistaprint.

“When we opened our Windsor plant in 2005 our global annual revenue was around $100 million. Today it’s around $1.5 billion and growing, so we need to put ourselves in the best possible situation to continue supporting that growth. Additionally, we’re proud that the new plant will offer a major benefit to the surrounding area through high-quality job creation and training opportunities.”

By 2023, Vistaprint expects to employ around 600 full-time employees at the new site, including operators, engineers and administrative professionals. An additional 120 seasonal positions will be available to service times of peak demand. Vistaprint and the City of Dallas are working together to fill manufacturing job opportunities at the new facility.

Vistaprint estimates that Phase I of construction of the leased facility will be completed by the end of 2019 and will create 200,000 square feet through an initial investment of about $15 million. The phase II expansion will increase the size of the facility to 322,000 square feet with construction estimated to be completed by 2021.