VisionUSA (UPIC: VISIONUS ) has produced promotional products for most of the Republican primary candidates and the two leading Democrat candidates. The Rahway, New Jersey, supplier’s Courier mug, imprinted with the slogan “Feel the Bern” and the VisionUSA union bug, made an appearance on ”The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” last week when Sen. Bernie Sanders gave it as a gift to the show’s host.

“At VisionUSA the national elections offer a fabulous opportunity for our products to be used in numerous ways by candidates on both sides,” says Mark Weissman, one of the company’s partners. “As a designer and manufacturer of patented USA-made drinkware and desktop accessories, politicians in national, state and local elections consider us a ‘go-to’ to help raise awareness, and money of course, to help promote their campaigns. I cannot imagine a candidate distributing a ‘Made in China’ product to potential voters.”

Most of the products VisionUSA produces for the candidates’ campaigns are offered on websites run by industry distributors for purchase by supporters or as an incentive/free gift with donation.