This month, PPAI recognizes Tom Donlin, national sales manager of supplier member ADG promotional products headquartered in Hugo, Minnesota, as the January PPB Volunteer of the Month. The Association’s PPB Volunteers of the Month have dedicated their time to the progress and fulfilling the charge of a committee, advisory group, work group or task force on which they serve.

Donlin serves on PPAI’s Awards & Recognition Committee and he was nominated by Carol Gauger, MAS, PPAI director of member engagement and regional relations and staff liaison to the Awards & Recognition Committee. The Awards & Recognition Committee has spent the past year and a half focused on a strategic rebrand of the awards program.  

“As a committee, we recognized that there was a lot of market confusion and that, in general, members referred to all awards as a Pyramid—why not take advantage of this industry recognition and rename them all a Pyramid—after all, PPAI Pyramid slips off the tongue easily,” says Gauger. “When the idea was first brought up by a past committee member we thought it was a good idea but needed time to work through the concept and the recommendation needed to be vetted. In the process, we discovered that the Pyramid Award would be reaching a milestone—60 years since the first time it had been presented.”

This concept was taken to the suppliers and distributors committees for their input and each committee member and staff talked to people who had been involved in the awards competitions over the years. The next step was to take it to the PPAI board for approval. Since that time, the committee has been actively involved in a trophy redesign, clarifying the name, even talking about how the live presentation would change.

Gauger chose Donlin for his creativity, passion and commitment to the industry, and for his strategic leadership qualities, which enabled him to engage the entire committee.

“Tom has done of a lot of work this year on behalf of the membership,” says Gauger. “He has talked to members to get their candid input. He has been able to engage the entire committee to bring this project to fruition. And, he like his peers serving before him has shown a real commitment to the work that this committee does.”

Donlin adds, “It has been a lot of work but this committee does a lot of work every year so this was not anything new. We are excited to unveil the new PPAI Pyramid at 2018 Expo and to celebrate the 60 years of member excellence.”

PPAI is looking for the next PPB Volunteer of the month. The Association is looking for someone who:

  • Is a current member of a committee, task force or advisory group
  • Demonstrates an exemplary level of volunteer contribution
  • Is a positive example to others
  • Contributes in a constructive and positive way to volunteer activities
  • Collaborates well with others
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the topics and work
  • Presents a positive influence during interaction with a group

Nominations may be submitted by current members of a committee, advisory group, work group or task force, as well as by PPAI board members or PPAI current staff. The nominations will be forwarded to PPB magazine. Those selected for inclusion as PPB Volunteer of the Month will be announced and featured in a PPAI publication as well as the quarterly Volunteer Newsletter.

Nominations open the first of each month and close on the 15th. To nominate a current volunteer, complete the nomination form here.