Supplier Stormtech Performance (PPAI 260245) has launched its 1:1 Initiative, a philanthropic program that helps introduce at-risk youth to outdoor adventure. The Burnaby, British Columbia, company will be donating one percent of its total global sales, in the form of needed apparel, to partner organizations.

“The 1:1 Initiative is an exciting milestone for Stormtech,” says Stormtech Founder Blake Annable. “We have supported local partners such as Street2Peak in an informal capacity for quite a few years now. This expansion will help us reach even more youth to experience the joys of the outdoors while accessing quality education. We have an unwavering desire to make a positive impact, support those around us, and help our communities thrive.”

To kickstart the initiative, Stormtech has partnered with two British Columbia-based organizations—Take a Hike Foundation and The Street2Peak Project—and is currently in the process of identifying additional Canada and U.S.-based foundations.

Take a Hike is a full-time alternate education program that engages vulnerable youth aged 15-18 through a combination of academics, therapy, adventure-based learning and community involvement in British Columbia. The program’s goals are to minimize barriers to learning, address personal issues, and help students achieve greater social and academic success.

“Being able to provide clothing and gear to our youth is an integral part of our success,” says Sevan Kadian, program support coordinator. “We want to show them care, respect and commitment to their well-being. Partnering with Stormtech allows us to take our students on incredible journeys, where we can focus on learning and personal growth, while providing high-quality gear that they feel comfortable in.”

The Street2Peak Project was born in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver in 2013 with the idea of giving disadvantaged youth an opportunity to explore the world. This 10-year project trains 15 youth year-round in preparation for five major international explorations on five different continents. In 2015, Street2Peak climbed Kilimanjaro and explored the Serengeti. In 2017 Street2Peak trekked through the wilds of Patagonia and the Southern Andes. Their next expedition in 2019 will be towards the Southern Cross and explore the vast topography of New Zealand.

“Stormtech and Street2Peak have formed an amazing partnership,” says Trevor Stokes, a teacher at The Street2Peak Project. “When Street2Peak was getting outfitted for our Kilimanjaro expedition, Stormtech was the first sponsor to step up and offer these kids the technical gear needed for such an adventure. Ever since then, Stormtech has provided any clothing items we’ve needed—from rain pants, to waterproof shells, thermal hats to gloves. They treat our students like their most valued customers. For those in the know, if you don’t have the gear, you’re hooped. Stormtech has always had our backs.”

Stormtech is in search of additional organizations to join the 1:1 Initiative. The application criteria include the following: a registered nonprofit charity, youth-based (age 21 and under), outdoor-based adventure and education, located in Canada or the U.S.