Are you “seasoned” in your industry? Have you had a prosperous career? If you were to give advice to the up-and-coming talent in your organization, what would you say?

Marketing expert Jim Stengel was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame, and today, Promotional Consultant Today passes along the advice he shared during his acceptance of this honor.

1. Spend your life with a person/people you love and trust. Stengel points out a mantra that Warren Buffett once told him that he feels is crucial: the most important decision in your life is who you spend it with.

2. Run your life and business with purpose. Stengel believed this so much that he actually wrote the book Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies. He states, “I have found it is the best way to grow a lasting business and organization.”

3. Get out more. His advice here is basically the more you expose yourself to other people and other organizations, the more you can help your own business grow. So go visit other organizations and learn what they are doing. He says that leaders should focus more on what is around the corner and prepare for the future.

4. Move fast, be decisive. Decision-making is crucial, according to Stengel. He completed a two-year research project on how startups can help legacy companies and says that making faster decisions was at the top of the list. So take a startup approach and be agile in your decision-making.

5. Live with health, joy and resilience. Stengel points out that, for the most part, we can control these three elements, so it’s important to discover what brings you joy and make this a part of your life.

6. Have great bosses. These leaders have a huge impact on both our personal and professional careers. A good boss can stretch you to reach new goals, achieve more and get better skills. So be selective in who you work for.

7. Be a great boss to others. On the flip side, lead others and impart your values on them. He said that he received a gift from his team—a book of sayings, photos and mementos that represented him as a leader. And he closed his speech with this question: What would you want your team to put in your book?

Source: In October 2008, Jim Stengel shocked the marketing world by leaving his prestigious role as global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble, one of the most admired brand-building companies in the world. This bold move was Stengel’s first step on a new mission to share his passion for growing business through a focus on higher ideals. To continue on his mission, he has embraced a variety of exciting roles: president/CEO of The Jim Stengel Company, LLC, author of Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies, speaker with the Washington Speakers Bureau® and advisor to several emerging companies.