SAGE – PPAI’s official technology partner – has introduced the promotional products industry’s first real-time custom image generation tool as part of its website platform.

  • The new tool utilizes artificial intelligence, further enhancing SAGE’s AI features aimed at transforming content creation and optimization.

Distributors and suppliers using SAGE to power their websites and company stores can now easily create completely custom and unique images on their website.

  • All areas of the website that allow for custom rich text support the new feature.

How It Works

Creating an image is as easy as typing in a description and hitting the “Generate Image” button. In just a few seconds, the AI engine will create an image that fits the exact description. 

Additionally, SAGE provides a full detailed description of the created image.

  • Users can use this description to further hone the image by adjusting the prompt text and resubmitting it to the AI engine to create a new image.

“It used to take hours or days to create a blog article and find or create images for it that you had the proper rights to use,” says Brian Pritchard, vice president of information technology. “Now with these new tools, we’ve reduced that time to mere seconds, drastically improving the ability to easily create quality content on our customers’ websites.”

“As the technology leader in the industry,” Pritchard adds, “our goal is to utilize all of these amazing new technologies to create tools that are actually useful to our customers. By doing so, we’re allowing our customers to not just stay competitive, but also be more efficient. It’s a complete win-win.”