SAGE (PPAI 790783) has announced the launch of its Virtual Design Studio, a program that helps distributors design and implement their customer’s branding. A part of SAGE Total Access, the Virtual Design Studio empowers distributors to create virtual samples for their customers using their logo, coloring and messaging.

  • SAGE is PPAI’s official technology partner.

Distributors with a SAGE Website can offer their clients the same user experience, enabling them to create their own virtual samples if they desire.

A key update to the virtual sample model is a curved text function up to the point of a full circle on logos or custom designs.

“We’re so excited about these new features in the Virtual Design Studio” says Eric Natinsky, chief executive officer at SAGE. “Being able to add curved text, freeform text, and especially having the brand colors to pick from right in front of you when creating virtual samples for your customers makes the distributor’s job that much easier.

“It will definitely help create a more successful sales pitch and let end-buyers better visualize their final results.”

In an effort to maximize its impact, SAGE allows distributor users to utilize the Virtual Design Studio directly on supplier websites if they have a SAGE Website or the sampling tool integrated on their own site.

The virtual sample also makes color continuity more seamless by introducing the new brand colors feature. The Virtual Design Studio automatically supplies the brand color for any logo in addition to standard color options. This allows for greater capabilities to show customers what their product will look like, and even allows them to be a greater part of that process.