SAGE – PPAI’s official technology partner – has announced the latest addition to its SAGE Website Professional Plus platform: Curated Product Pages.

The new feature offers clients the ability to showcase theme-based webpages with curated content and products, aimed at increasing SEO rankings and driving more traffic to their websites.

  • Popular themes include the Fourth of July, 5K races, aviation, back to school, banking and many more.
  • These themes cater to various events and industries, providing a focused and engaging user experience for visitors.

Solutions Center: Product Search

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Curated Product Pages as part of our SAGE Website Professional Plus platform,” says Chris Sumpter, vice president of web development at SAGE. “This new feature empowers businesses to showcase their products in a more targeted and appealing way, ultimately enhancing their online presence and driving customer engagement.”

Key Benefits

The Curated Product Pages feature offers several benefits to users, such as enhanced SEO, customizability and increased website traffic.

  • By featuring specific themes, businesses can optimize their websites for relevant keywords, improving search engine rankings and visibility.
  • Each theme can be completely customized, allowing businesses to tailor their content and products to match their unique brand and audience preferences.
  • The curated pages offer a more engaging experience for visitors, encouraging them to explore additional products and stay on the website longer.

Last week, SAGE introduced the promotional products industry’s first real-time custom image generation tool as part of its website platform.