In May, 114 industry professionals took advantage of steps PPAI is taking to expand certification opportunities during the pandemic and earned their Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certifications. Several people earned both certifications. In response to disruptions brought to the industry by COVID-19, beginning April 1 and running through June 30, PPAI has waived the Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate and CAS and MAS certification application fees for Association members and reduced pricing for Associates by 50 percent.

PPAI certifications are awarded to an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the promotional products industry and to continuing their education. These professionals have met rigorous educational requirements and demonstrate an exemplary commitment to their field. Industry practitioners who have earned their certification provide the highest standard of conduct and integrity. Highly respected and recognized credentials in the promotional products industry, these designations establish a recipient’s professional credibility to colleagues, clients, employers and peers.

Dave Ancharski, CAS, Apex Advertising
Mandy Arnold, CAS, Eagle Creations
Andres Blanco, CAS, AIA
Kelly Borre, CAS, AAA Innovations
Jolyn Bowers, CAS, OmniSource
Dawn Browne, CAS, CPS/Keystone
Anthony Carpenter, CAS, Proforma
Meredith Chapman, CAS, Gold Bond
Manny Chazan, CAS, Work Hard Play Hard Marketing
Kristen Check, CAS, Armory Print Works
Dana Choate, CAS, MAX Marketing
Mary Chopka, CAS, HDS Marketing
Cory Cissell, CAS, Cap America
Jeff Cross, CAS, OmniSource
Adrian Davidson, CAS, Inck Promotions
Thomas Deisrroth, CAS, Garyline
Karen Dionne, CAS, BrandAlliance
Rachel Espinoza, CAS, HDS Marketing
Shawn Fotheringham, CAS, Geiger
Susan Garn, CAS, HDS Marketing
Jane Hamilton, CAS, Honeycomb Agency
Lisa Hayes, CAS, OmniSource
Janet Herbert, CAS, Bluebird Enterprises
Alyssa Inkrott, CAS, Raining Rose
Mary Jaber, CAS, HDS Marketing
Cary Johnson, CAS, DistributorCentral
Lindsay Jones, CAS, Rise Promotions
Anthony Kan, CAS, Seidio Elite
Casey Kaplan, CAS, OmniSource
Duke Klassen, CAS, Prairie Sky Promotions
Veronica Klemm, CAS, Premiere Marketing
Stephanie Krause, CAS, MARCO
Heather Lazerov, CAS, OmniSource
Shane Lemay, CAS, Promovision
Paula Lindstrom, CAS, alphabroder
Stephanie Mendivil, CAS, Icostore
Maria Merlin, CAS, Boost Branding
Scott Mueller, CAS, Muellertime
Kim Olson, CAS, Brand Fuel
Patricia Ortiz, CAS, Debco
Tani Pereira, CAS, The Branding Company
Maria Perez, CAS, AIA/New Dimensions
Elizabeth Perkins, CAS, TK Promotions
Melanie Perry, CAS, MBF Perry Company
Jen Pry, CAS, Bizenex
Rachel Ramos, CAS, Lifestyles Promotions
Sheila Ricken, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Bart Roberts, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Peter Robinson, CAS, iPROMOTEu
Sandy Routzon, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Mark Rubican, CAS, HDS Marketing
Gina Russon, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Lesley Sattin, CAS, Monkey Joe Speak
Jennifer Savor, CAS, LinJen Promotions
Ray Scott, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Nancy Seifer, CAS, HDS Marketing
Teresa Serrano, CAS, Print Xpressions
Ted Simpson, CAS, alphabroder
Terri Sparkman, CAS, SAGE
Dennis Spencer, CAS, Ricochet Promotions
Marianne Stein, CAS, Business Branders
Allison Stevens, CAS, OmniSource
Rebecca Switzer, CAS, The Executive Advertising
Ann Tillman, CAS, CE Competitive Edge
Christine Torres, CAS, Gold Bond
Donya Turner, CAS, Gold Bond
Meredith Wallace, CAS, Grapevine Designs
Jeanne Walls, CAS, JWalls Ink!
Glenda Warren, CAS, Promo Mojo Online
Craig Weiss, CAS, Initial Impression
Ashley White, CAS, Geiger
Gregory Whitfield, CAS, Divine Edge Marketing SOlution
Terri Wolle, CAS, McKenzie Sew On
Jordan Wood, CAS, Gold Bond
Margo Ahern, MAS, Missing Link Promotional Products
Brian Beam, MAS, Geiger
Shelley Bednarski, MAS, Sweda Company
Adriana Castano, MAS, Geiger
Laurie Crowder, MAS, AIA Corporation
Susan Cunningham, MAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Renie Doherty, MAS, Fire Eagle Promotions
Michael Dokken, MAS, Business Impact Group
Lori Flink, MAS, Allegro Business Products
Darlene Fredell, MAS, Insignia Sport
Kelly Glessner, MAS, East Coast Swag
Janet Goldberg, MAS, OmniSource
Clara Gonzalez, MAS, Marke-One
Kathleen Guidice, MAS, Robertson Marketing
Kevin Hill, MAS, MOSAIC
Nancy Hoffman, MAS, Geiger
Carrie Howle, MAS, AIA Corporation
Nancy Jolly, MAS, iPROMOTEu
Juanita King, MAS, Mobopro
Robert King, MAS, Mobo Enterprises
Sara Levinson, MAS, Cray Cray Promos
Ivan Linde, MAS, Ivahill Investments
Kristine Locke, MAS, HDS Marketing
Shannon Loredo, MAS, Business Branders
Debbie Mangano, MAS, We Promote You
Suzanne Mitchell, MAS, Zamar Screen Printing
Anita Mowery, MAS, TK Promotions
Diana O’Cobhthaigh, MAS, TurnKey Promotions
Gerald Pinkley, MAS, Cap America
Michele Reed, MAS, Summit Group
Joanna Richter, MAS, Geiger
Amy Roller, MAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Allison Schaffer, MAS, TK Cups-Sorgs
Tara Smith, MAS, HDS Marketing
Pamela Sqystun-Jones, MAS, Rise Promotions
Daniel Tan, MAS, YTS Services Marketing
Elena Wadsworth, MAS, HDS Marketing
Aubrey Weaver, MAS, DistributorCentral
Peter Wiggins, MAS, NPN360
Brittany Wiseman, MAS, Geiger

New designees are formally recognized with an array of custom promotional items generously donated by PPAI certification sponsor companies Bruce Fox, Castelli North America, Inc. and RiteLine.

PPAI’s CAS, MAS and MAS+ designations are achieved through a combination of active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the successful demonstration of expertise. The CAS and MAS certifications require continuing education and recertification to remain in good standing.

Learn more about the PPAI Certification Program and PPAI’s professional development opportunities on PPAI’s website.