Reciprocity Road, an alliance of 10 distributors across the U.S and Canada comprising approximately $230 million in promotional products spending, welcomes Refresh Glass, based in Tempe, Arizona, as a new supplier partner.

“We are excited to join Reciprocity Road as a supplier and know our values around creating multifaceted communities and business impact are super aligned—creating hope through action,” says Ray DelMuro, president of Refresh Glass. “We are a USA‐made eco brand, making everyday use glasses and other products from bottles rescued from the community. We hear every day that our gifts and real‐world mission will pair well with corporations, schools and events looking to show their most important relationships that they are walking the sustainable talk. Reciprocity Road embodies this real‐world pairing of gifting eco and USA-made solutions.”

Perry Wehrle, MAS, executive director of Reciprocity Road, adds, “With the addition of Refresh Glass, we will be able to expose our teams to a committed reuse, recycle and repurpose supplier, whose core principles are in 100-percent alignment with those of Reciprocity Roads. Creating glasses and candles made from recycled wine bottles is an exceptional dedication to the environment.”

Read more about Refresh Glass in the April 2021 issue of PPB magazine here.