PromoStandards (PPAI 816699), a PPAI business services member, has announced the winners of its second annual virtual Hack-A-Thon, which lasted from September 15 to September 21.

The Competition

Sponsored by SanMar and Hit Promotional Products, the Hack-A-Thon required teams to use PromoStandards protocols to solve real-world problems the promotional products industry faces.

  • Each team had 10 minutes to pitch their solutions, and then judges and attendees were allowed to ask follow-up questions.


  • The product and pitch were judged on problem statement clarity, presentation creativity and technical feasibility.


  • Winning teams will receive exclusive merch and $3,000 in cash to share.


Hack-A-Thon Winners

Promo Bot came in first place. Team members consisted of:

“Being chosen as the team lead for this exceptional group was truly an honor,” Alfano says. “I was completely blown away by every team member’s incredible skills and boundless creativity. The PromoStandards Hack-A-Thon epitomizes the power of collaboration within our industry, where suppliers, distributors and service providers come together to achieve remarkable feats.”

SwagifyAI came in second place. Team members consisted of:

  • Alessandro Padron, frontend engineer at Safsira
  • Ariel Ibanez, lead branding and product designer at Safsira
  • Armando Heras, technical lead at Safsira
  • Joseph Shusterman, founder and CEO of Safsira

In third place was PromoPaladins, whose team members consisted of:

  • Andy Knasinski, founder of NRG Software
  • Travis Dietz, owner and consultant at Integrity Inspired Solutions
  • Tristen Pankake-Sieminski, account manager at Aturian

“Watching some of the most creative and brilliant minds take generative AI and show how it can be easily used in promo applications was both inspiring and impressive,” says Hack-A-Thon judge Bill Petrie, founder and creative director at brandivate. “One after another, the presentations had my brain racing with excitement as to how these tools will help the entire industry lead the hands-on use of this technology.”