More than 400 Proforma owners, supplier partners and support team members gathered at Terranea’s Oceanside Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, last week to celebrate the Proforma owners’ 2018 sales success. It’s an annual, world-class, three-day event for Proforma owners who achieve at least $1 million in annual sales. The event includes networking with key supplier partners and recognition for their accomplishments. This year’s Million Dollar Club trip celebrated Proforma’s 190 Million Dollar Club members, 27 of which were honored for achieving new sales milestones. They included 17 first-time Million Dollar Club members, eight first-time Multi-Million Dollar Club members and two first-time Five Million Dollar Club members.

“It’s an honor to celebrate the successes of Proforma’s Million and Multi-Million Dollar Club members every year,” says Greg Muzzillo, founder of Proforma (PPAI 196835). “We are extremely proud to have the largest, most successful group of million-dollar producers in our industry. We know what it takes to build a multi-million-dollar distributorship and we have put the tools and resources in place to help our owners grow their sales as much as they want so they can live the life of their dreams.”

Tim Meffert, owner of Proforma Effective Solutions and a first-time Multi-Million Dollar Club member says, “Celebrating this milestone achievement with other successful owners, valued supplier partners and my Proforma family is overwhelmingly motivating. I am looking forward to continuing my growth and reaching the next level of success soon.”

This year, five Proforma businesses were recognized for achieving $1 million in sales in a single month in 2018: Bill Hageman, Jim Shindler and Jeff Skinner, co-owners of Proforma Graphic Services (four times); Mike Lazzari, owner of Proforma BrandCentric Solutions (one time); Pat Lenehan, owner of Proforma ASAP (four times); Steve Raucher, owner of Proforma GPS Global Promotional Sourcing (seven times); and Russ Howarth, owner of Proforma Think Ink (one time). Fred and Suzette Albrecht, co-owners of Proforma Albrecht & Co., 25 Million Dollar Club members, were also recognized for attaining nine $2 million sales months, two $3 million sales months and one $4 million sales month.

More than 80 of the industry’s leading supplier partners were also recognized during the Awards Ceremony for their commitment and partnership with Proforma. In addition to several receptions and poolside hospitality events, suppliers and owners engaged in a Meet & Greet Breakfast.

“Proforma’s Million Dollar Club celebration is unlike any other industry event,” says Kirk Ross, vice president of national accounts at supplier Towel Specialties. “Proforma is the only organization that invites suppliers to join their top performers in celebrating success every year on these amazing trips. This is an incredible opportunity to get to know Million Dollar Club owners, meet their families and understand their businesses better, while enjoying a first-class resort and having fun together.”

Proforma’s Million and Multi-Million Dollar Club members’ sales range from $1 million to more than $34 million and their cumulative annual sales exceed a quarter of a billion dollars.