Dana Geiger has joined PPAI as regional relations manager. Geiger has 14 years of nonprofit experience, including eight in the promotional products industry, and has served as executive director for three of the industry’s regional associations. Geiger will work remotely from her home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but will visit PPAI’s Irving, Texas, headquarters on a regular basis.

PPB Newslink recently sat down with Geiger to learn more about the newest member of the Association’s team.

PPB Newslink: What was your professional history in the promotional products industry prior to joining the association?

Dana Geiger: I served as executive director for three of the regional affiliates. I worked with the Virginia Promotional Products Association (VAPPA) from 2010 to the present, the Promotional Products Association of Florida from 2012 to 2015 and the Chesapeake Promotional Products Association from 2016 to the present. Prior to joining this industry, I worked for the Alzheimer’s Association, a cause near to my heart, as an event manager.

PPB Newslink: What attracted you to your new position within the association?

Geiger: When I learned about the opening in the regional relations department, I felt strongly that I could make a difference. Working in the community for eight years has armed me with a perspective that I believe can help optimize the partnership between PPAI and the regionals. I believe the volunteer power that is harnessed between the two can help chart the future of the industry. The idea of being a part of that makes me giddy.

PPB Newslink: What are your initial objectives for the position?

Geiger: Initially I plan to listen more than I speak, ask loads of questions and try desperately to fill the very large footprint left by Melissa Weber [now PPAI’s knowledge community manager]. I want to gain an understanding from the entire community of what their vision of a partnership between PPAI and the regional associations can strive to achieve.

PPB Newslink: Outside of PPAI, what are your interests?

Geiger: Outside of PPAI, I spend glamorous days making lunches and driving around two of the world’s most perfect children (no, really, they are kind of perfect). I am married to my high school sweetheart who doubles as a fire captain for the City of Virginia Beach. On the rare occasion that we are all home together, we spend as much time at the beach as possible with family and friends. Needless to say, winters in Virginia are very, very long.