PPAI will be introducing a new industry initiative, Promo Connect, this summer and the Association is asking for members’ help in ensuring a strong launch. Promo Connect is a knowledge community platform for the promotional products industry.

“Promo Connect provides a forum that allows members the opportunity to connect and engage in discussions on topics of interest and relevance to them,” says PPAI Director of Professional Development Jennifer Crowfoot. “It goes beyond the traditional social platform of just sharing content. Promo Connect allows our members to put context around the content specifically to the promotional products industry. Context provides value and insight, allowing knowledge to become inspiration.”

Rather than replace social and business networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, Promo Connect offers a place for industry-specific peer networking; collaboration; sharing of best practices, ideas and concepts; information gathering; and seeking and offering expert opinion and advice.

PPAI is asking members to complete a short, two-question survey that will help with the seed questions and topics of Promo Connect’s industry communities. The survey can be found here. Promo Connect will be available starting this summer.