Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things 2022 List is out, and California-based supplier Totally Bamboo (PPAI 408801, S1) made the cut. The supplier’s brandable Family Tree Carving Board captured the media mogul’s attention.

“Want to know what I said the first time I laid eyes on this carving board? ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ Not only is this tree etching display-worthy, it serves a purpose – it directs juices away from meat you’re carving and into a larger well,” Oprah says on her website.

Oprah is one of the world’s most powerful influencers, and the Favorite Things list is an annual feature that has historically driven major sales boosts for the products she spotlights. Labeled the “Oprah Effect,” her endorsement has launched careers, created multi-million-dollar companies and birthed best-sellers.

David Chen, vice president of sales at Totally Bamboo, says, “Hearing that Oprah wanted us on her list was completely unexpected. We were so excited and ready to be part of something of this magnitude as a small business. It is so special to us that she is using her platform to celebrate small businesses and give exposure to so many companies that truly deserve it.”

The team at Totally Bamboo has already seen the list’s impact.

“We have noticed a spike in buzz, traffic, and sales and are mainly anticipating seeing the long-term effects this list has on our business,” Chen says. “Our social media and email marketing announcements have had high engagement rates so far, and we have already seen improved sales for our Family Tree Carving Board. We’re happy to have so much exposure and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

A shoutout from Oprah is as valuable as ever, and now it’s shedding a light on the promo industry.

Chen says, “To be on Oprah’s 2022 Favorite Things list is truly an honor. Oprah is just a ray of sunshine and people really trust her opinion. It means a lot to have our product chosen by someone who is so respected, trusted and loved by such an insane amount of people. To be on this list really shows us that all of our hard work is paying off and that our products are worth sharing and enjoying.”

A beautiful marriage of form and functionality, the Family Tree Bamboo Carving Board from Totally Bamboo featuring etched juice grooves is a gorgeous solution for carving and cutting. The etched tree in the center of the board directs juices away from food as it’s cut to the generous collection well. A deep groove runs along the interior edge of the board to further collect and store any excess juice, ensuring the table or countertop stay clean. Crafted with parquet end-grain bamboo, this board is gentle on knives while providing an outstanding cutting surface.

Totally Bamboo / PPAI 728242, S1 / www.totallybamboo.com

Totally Bamboo wasn’t the only promotional products supplier to win a coveted spot on the Favorite Things lists this year. Here are a few more products available through the channel that were featured.

About the Theragun Mini, Oprah says, “Give the gift of a tension-relieving massage anytime, anywhere with the new Theragun Mini, which is even more compact and lighter than the original mini – and just look at the desert rose hue. Connect it to the Therabody app for guided recovery routines.”

Therabody / PPAI 794574, S1 / www.therabody.com

Celebrating the Coravin Timeless Three+ Wine Preservation System, Oprah says, “This gadget allows you to open a bottle of wine and pour a glass without ever removing the cork (yes, really!). The result: You can keep a bottle of wine for much longer, having a glass here or there. Along with the wine preserver, you’ll get an aerator and a bottle sleeve, too. Cheers to that!”

Links Unlimited / PPAI 375603, S1 / www.linksunlimited.com

About Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls, Oprah says, “If you read it, you can be it. This book features 100 stories of barrier-breaking activists, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other impressive young women under the age of 30 – like Greta Thunberg, Bindi Irwin, Keke Palmer, and more.”

The Book Company / PPAI 218850, S5 / www.thebookco.com