PPAI and industry technology provider SAGE are rolling out a new process for distributors to automatically receive the combined benefits of a PPAI membership and a SAGE Total Access subscription through the Power of Two alliance.

Effective April 1, eligible SAGE Total Access subscribers will automatically receive a membership to PPAI and, in turn, PPAI members will receive a subscription to SAGE Total Access, giving them access to SAGE Online, SAGE Web and SAGE Mobile, SAGE’s premier suite of product research, presentation, CRM, order management and virtual sampling tools.

Small distributors with annual sales less than $250,000 will receive a single, co-branded invoice for both their PPAI membership and SAGE Total Access subscription. Additionally, small distributors no longer have to redeem a voucher in order to sign up, making it easier for them to receive these combined benefits. No additional charges will be added to receive the Power of Two benefits. Larger PPAI distributor members will continue to receive a voucher for SAGE Total Access with their PPAI membership and be invoiced separately for their SAGE services.

Whether signing up through PPAI or SAGE, distributors will automatically begin receiving the Power of Two and PPAI member benefits immediately. In addition, distributors will continue to have the option of being billed on a monthly or annual basis for their PPAI membership and SAGE subscription.

“We’re always striving to provide our subscribers with the best resources in the industry,” says David Natinsky, president of SAGE. “PPAI has long been the leading authority, advocate and voice in this industry. By providing our subscribers with direct access to PPAI member benefits like legislative action tools, product safety initiatives, professional development, and thousands of dollars in business savings, we’re giving them the opportunity to develop as industry leaders.”

PPAI members are eligible for substantial discounts with companies such as FedEx and QuickBooks. In addition, they have access to the industry’s leading education programs and networking events, and receive all PPAI publications at no additional charge.

Paul Bellantone, CAE, president and CEO of PPAI, says, “As our technology partner, SAGE provides our members with business management solutions that allow them to excel in the industry. Through this streamlined process, we are making it easier for distributors to grow their businesses in 2016 and beyond.”

For more information on PPAI’s member benefits and savings opportunities, call PPAI at 888-I-AM-PPAI (426-7724) or visit www.ppai.org/join. For questions regarding SAGE products and services, please call 800-925-7243 (SAGE) or visit www.sageworld.com.