Between May and July, 40 industry professionals chose to invest in their professional development and earned their Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certifications.

Professional Development:
PPAI’s Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate, and CAS, MAS and MAS+ designations are achieved through a combination of active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the successful demonstration of expertise. The CAS and MAS certifications require continuing education and recertification to remain in good standing.

CAS and MAS certification holders have joined an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the industry and to continuing their education in it. Each has met rigorous educational requirements, demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their field and established their professional credibility to colleagues, clients and peers. Click here to learn more about the PPAI Certification Program and PPAI’s professional development opportunities.

The Recipients:
Congratulations to these recipients of the CAS and MAS certification:

Jake Blackstone, CAS, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc.
Tracey Bohmbach, CAS, Geiger
Brooke Bostic, CAS, TCB Promotions
Tricia Cunningham, CAS, Geiger
Lydia Dagneau, CAS, Geiger
Krista D’Ateno, CAS, Geiger
Keaton Deranek, CAS, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc.
Lauren Dustin, CAS, PromoShop, Inc.
David Glassman, CAS, The David Erwin Group
Diego Gonzales, CAS, 1338Tryon
Victoria Gonzalez, CAS, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc.
Megan Hawk, CAS, Geiger
Paul Hirsch, CAS, Hirsch Gift
Alyssa Huseth, CAS, Geiger
Erin Kennealey, CAS, Geiger
Kristin Long, CAS, Gemline
Kimberly Martin, CAS, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc.
Johnna Meyer, CAS, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc.
Christina Moncke, CAS, Staples Promotional Products
Monique Overton, CAS, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc.
Monica Scott, CAS, PK Promotions, LLC
Greg St. Martin, CAS, Custom Branding Solutions
Jolanda Thomas, CAS, Preferred Document Solutions, LLC
Savannah Bennett, MAS, Geiger
Theresa Benson, MAS, Geiger
Patrick Doyle, MAS, Durham Promotional Products
Eliana Franklin, MAS, CAAMP & PMANC
Christopher Gagne, MAS, Geiger
Kaitlynne Gibson, MAS, Geiger
Dylan Harrington, MAS, Geiger
Candice Johnson, MAS, TK Promotions, Inc.
Susan Heneson Kornblatt, MAS, HALO Branded Solutions
David Peters, MAS, A-Z Office Resource
Kaitlin Pickard, MAS, CE Competitive Edge, LLC
Lori Plummer, MAS, Geiger
Joshua Pospisil, MAS, Hirsch Gift
Kristin Prosper, MAS, Geiger
Sheri L. Ridgeway, MAS, Geiger
Monica Scott, MAS, Logotology
Cheryl Simpson, MAS, Geiger