Promotional Professionals Association of Chicago-Wisconsin (PPACW) held its first Spring Showcase since undergoing a reorganization to include Wisconsin.

  • Formerly known as Promotional Professionals Association of Chicago, the regional association recently rebranded to reflect its Wisconsin-based distributors and suppliers. PPAChicago absorbed the members of the Promotional Products Association of Wisconsin when it dissolved in March 2023.

The event reflected the union of Wisconsin and Illinois members of the promo industry; it was held at American Family Field – the home of the Milwaukee Brewers – prior to a game against the Chicago Cubs.

Kristian Pawlikowski of Bridge Marketing Services and Dave Rappe of Promo Agency powered by Proforma led the PPACW Spring Event Showcase.

Sponsors for the event included:

PPACW president Kathryn Parciak says that atmosphere represented the sort of camaraderie that the regional association is hoping to foster between promo professionals between the two states.

“It brought great joy to see members from Illinois and Wisconsin having fun and networking in such a lively venue,” says Parciak. “PPACW wants to make this an annual event that all members can participate and enjoy.”