Last week, the strictest bag ban in the nation went into effect. On May 4, New Jersey banned all single-use plastic bags, most paper bags and Styrofoam food containers.

The Plastics Pollution Reduction Act was signed into law in November 2020 but gave stores and consumers 18 months to prepare. New Jersey’s bag ban is the strongest in the nation because it also bans paper bags for stores larger than 2,500 square feet.

Non-grocery and retail stores can still provide paper bags. But large grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, with its well-known paper bags, will no longer be allowed to offer single-use sacks.

Consumers in New Jersey will now have to bring their own bags to the grocery store. Washable, reusable bags with handles will become even more coveted as promotional products, having already ranked atop the most searched items in SAGE’s Q1 Global Statistical Report. New Jersey is leading the way with this bag reduction law, and the progress toward sustainability won’t likely stop there, as more states and communities follow suit. Soon, most consumers will be using reusable bags for shopping.

Promo pros can help consumers find the best bags while getting their client’s logo seen every trip to the grocery store. For a future bright with bag bans, here are six that’ll hold everything together.

The Sonnet Collapsible Cotton Mesh Tote is perfect for shopping for fresh produce at the farmer’s market or local grocery store. The front pocket stores personal items out of view. When in use, it expands to generous size and can hold up to 18 pounds. It’s also lightweight and packs easily.

Ariel Premium Supply / PPAI 161650, S11 / 

This non-woven insulate shopper tote keeps food hot or cold. With a top-zippered closure, this tote is great from grocery stores, food festivals and farmer’s markets. This bag is water-resistant, reusable and can be easily spot cleaned. It’s perfect for recipients to keep in their car and pull out when needed.

Hit Promotional Products / PPAI 113910, S13 / 

This Bio-Liiv Produce Mesh Tote is a must in every household. This three-in-one tote can transport, wash and then hang dry your fresh produce, all without removing them from the bag. At checkout time, veggies can stay in the bag while being scanned though the polyester mesh. When you get home you simply pour fresh water over the entire bag, and then hang to dry using the heavy-duty strap.

Beacon Promotions, Inc. / PPAI 113702, S10 /

This grocery tote is made from 100 percent cotton. The natural bag with colored handles also works for lunch events, conferences and trade shows.

Garyline / PPAI 112004, S10 /

This sturdy utility tote bag has a large compartment with a wire rim to give the tote shape and total functionality. It also has a 14-inch handle. Your client’s name or logo can be imprinted onto the side of the bag. Fellow travelers and grocery shoppers alike will want this useful product.

Seville Gear / PPAI 113233, S7 /

Quick errands are easy with this Riptide grocery tote. This non-woven bag has a wave-textured body with a front pocket for storing lists or car keys. There’s a removable bottom insert to keep groceries secure.

Evans Manufacturing, Inc. / PPAI 110747, S10 /