Torrance, California-based supplier Next Level Apparel (PPAI 272027, S3) has announced its implementation of the Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform in order to create a more modern and efficient inventory planning process. Next Level Apparel is a wholesale producer of premium quality blank apparel in the United States.

Digital Transformation In Promotional Products

Prior to their January implementation of the Logility platform, Next Level Apparel was using a mix of Excel Spreadsheets and legacy proprietary ERP systems for the managing of its supply chain. These are workable-yet-outdated means to manage various tasks in a digital age.

Digital transformation in the supply chain and inventory process allows for more efficient and transparent collaboration between supplier and distributor and eases companies’ abilities to react with customer behavior that may change rapidly and spontaneously with trends or world events.

Of Note

PPAI’s forthcoming Promo Data Exchange initiative—announced in January under the placeholder moniker The Industry Standards—is designed to work in tandem with tools like Logility to make the same data available to members through SAGE.


Logility’s platform provides a number of services that will allow distributors to more efficiently do business with Next Level Apparel.

• It allows Next Level to optimize its inventory and production strategy to eliminate a surplus of supply and the additional costs that come with oversupply.

• Its systems allow for the accommodation of highly fluctuating consumer buying behavior.

• The Logility platform can respond to spontaneous product demand and new market opportunities, which have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What They’re Saying

“Although early in our adoption, our team has experienced great success with Logility,” says Paul Volkman, CIO at Next Level Apparel. “Their team of experts made our transition from legacy systems and manual processes to total digital supply chain management an easy experience. We expect efficiency, without question, but also plan to gain greater effectiveness through our new digital approach to supply chain management.”

Allan Dow, president of Logility says, “The pandemic has exemplified supply chain complexities and has shown organizations the manual way of doing things must be replaced for digital solutions.” Next Level Apparel knew that to grow, it had to transition to digital demand and inventory management. Upgrading its technology stack and processes has helped the brand improve supply chain visibility and has provided the ability to optimize inventory and keep on top of changing consumer demand.”