NewClients Promotional Marketing has adopted a new name, Boost Promotional Branding (PPAI 107225), that the Richmond, Virginia-based distributor says better aligns with its mission, to strengthen the memories and experiences that people have with their preferred brands. The company’s direct mail division has rebranded as Boost Direct Marketing.

“Corporations and companies of all sizes strive to create a tangible and lasting connection between their brand and their customers,“ says Teki Hall, CEO of Boost Promotional Branding. “A meaningful branded item that is relevant and timely can boost awareness and foster exceptional levels of preference and, most important, long-term loyalty.”

Jeff Hall, chief strategist of Boost Promotional Branding, adds, “The right item in the right hands at the right time becomes a relationship game-changer, as our clients in healthcare, sports, education, technology and many other industries will attest.”

In addition to its headquarters office in Richmond, Boost Promotional Branding has associates in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. The company significantly expanded its footprint in the Southeast region of the country by acquiring distributor EBSCO Creative Concepts in Birmingham, Alabama, a division of EBSCO Industries, in April 2017. The company says more partnerships are being considered as it plans for future growth.

“We believe we are doing nothing short of redefining our industry, shifting the focus to experiences, not merely products with logos,” says Jeff Hall. “At Boost Promotional Branding, we are passionate about helping clients create the bonds that companies dream about forming with their customers.”