Koozie Group (PPAI 114187, S13) – promo’s 10th leading supplier in this year’s PPAI 100 – and its sister company IMAGEN Brands (PPAI 114197, S10) have announced that they’ve achieved CarbonNeutral company certification in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, a global framework for carbon neutrality.

  • In February, Koozie Group declared its intent to become carbon neutral on Scope 1 – direct emissions that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by an organization – and Scope 2 – indirect emissions associated with the purchase of electricity, steam, heat or cooling – emissions, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


  • To achieve CarbonNeutral certification, the Tampa, Florida-based supplier has been working with Climate Impact Partners, a specialist in carbon market solutions for climate action.

“We work with leading organizations to deliver action on climate change and create a more sustainable world,” says Emily Mileski, senior account executive at Climate Impact Partners. “Our joined-up approach helps organizations address their environmental impacts through high-quality carbon market solutions that also deliver positive impact for nature and local communities.”

The Process

Koozie Group conducted an independent assessment of all Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions that it produced during 2022, as well as some Scope 3 emissions – emissions that are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by an organization, but that the organization indirectly affects in its value chain.

In addition to taking actions to reduce its footprint through internal initiatives, the company has offset unavoidable emissions through projects that include supporting a forest conservation project that protects 460,000 acres of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

  • Koozie Group says it selected this project specifically because of its large paper products portfolio.

“We’re excited to have reached this milestone so quickly,” says Pierre Montaubin, who was promoted from chief product and sustainability officer to CEO of Koozie Group in August.

“The groundwork we’ve been laying for the last several years really paid off. We chose to work with Climate Impact Partners because they have 25 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest voluntary carbon offsetting programs in the world. Working with them means all the projects we’re supporting are independently verified and have a real and positive impact on the climate.”

The next step in Koozie Group’s carbon-neutral journey is to complete measuring its full Scope 3 emissions.

  • The company is already pursuing internal measures, such as moving toward using recycled materials in place of virgin materials where possible, to reduce its Scope 3 emissions.

Recent Developments

Koozie Group rebranded from BIC Graphic in 2020. That same year, Koozie Group acquired fellow high-profile supplier IMAGEN Brands.

Since then, the company has been working with a third party to conduct impartial end-user surveys to identify what it calls KG Factor items – products designed to lessen environmental impact through longevity.

  • The initiative is part of Koozie Group’s product strategy around its sustainability commitment called “Keep It. Give It.”


  • Today, 77% of its product assortment – a total of 1,944 items – has earned the KG Factor designation. The company’s goal was originally to reach the 50% mark by 2024.

Additionally, its domestic facilities are Forest Stewardship Council certified and/or Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified. Koozie Group is also a participating company of the Fair Labor Association.